‘Impeach Obama’ protest causes giant Southern California traffic jam

Featured Image: Southern California Traffic Jam.Source: http://www.browndoggerz.com/adventure/07_14/traffic.jpg (FOR ILLUSTRATION ONLY)

From Examinor.com  JUNE 9, 2013 BY: 

TEA Party sponsored “Impeach Obama” demonstration on a major Southern California freeway overpass caused traffic to backup at least ten miles, as the organizer apologized for “any small inconvenience” drivers may have dealt with, as reported by the San Diego-based local news portal the Carlsbad Patch on June 9, 2013.

Flying a number of American flag as well as the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party-adopted Gadsen flag, protesters flashed to motorists on the Interstate 5 southbound lanes in Carlsbad, California placards stating “Remember Benghazi,” “Obama Lies” and “Amnesty Hell No!” . . . Read Complete Report w/slide show

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