THEI Selected Short Subject: “Searching for Life in the Clouds” (With Video)

THEI Selected Short Subject

Featured Image: Poster photo of US Navy airships. CREDIT: US NAVY. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

From (Orlando FL) By Claire Metz   6:25 PM EDT Sep 19, 2013

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. —A huge blimp called Cloud Lab is in the air searching for life in the clouds, and it has been hanging above Brevard County lately.

It is loaded with many experiments and a team of researchers on a mission to investigate all kinds of things, including how hurricanes form, how the climate it changing and how far up life can be found. . . . Read Complete Report

From youtube uploaded by TRUTHstreammedia on Oct 3, 2013

Experimental Weather Blimp over Rural Texas Town


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