Service with A Smile? Avast! Ye Robots

Service with A Smile? ROBOGAS Gas Station Attendant


American drivers are happily spoiled by the conveniences of getting cash from an ATM, buying a cheeseburger or getting a carwash without ever leaving the vehicle, so why aren’t there any drive-thru gas stations?

There used to be, back in the day of service with a smile

Read the rest of this Chicago Tribune story and watch the video HERE 

Avast! Ye Robots

Rolls-Royce outlines vision for robotic ships of the future


Running away to sea has been a dream of escape for centuries, but unless you plan to be a tap dancer on a cruise ship, that door may be closing. In a report on the future of cargo shipping, Rolls-Royce Vice President for Innovation, Engineering and Technology, Oskar Levander, outlines a vision for a time not far from now when freighters and other ships are unmanned robots that cruise the oceans under remote control by shore based captains.

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