Those of us interested in the subject have heard many stories and rumors of the fabulous treasures hidden in the jungles and mountains in the Philippines. In fact an original THEI correspondent and personal friend of mine, a treasure hunter well know in my neck of the woods moved to the Philippines over 20 years ago to search for treasure with his Filipina wife’s family. His nickname is, of course, Lucky. Although it’s been 15 years since I had any correspondence with him I’d bet he’s still pursuing his quest. . . . your Editor Dennis Crenshaw

Featured Image: A stack of gold bars stored at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The Treasury Department recently completed an audit of its gold there. Federal Reserve SOURCE Federal Reserve Bank of N.Y.

Yamashita’s Philippines ~ Story Of Roger Roxas 

YouTube ~ Yamashita Philippines

Yamashita Gold Bars Finally Found 2017

YouTube ~ med101 villa

Published on Jan 3, 2017
Yamashita Treasure in the Philippines found by locals but it was implanted with miniature bombs.

Yamashita Philippines – Gold Bars Discovered Inside The Cave

YouTube ~ Posted by Yamashita Philippines

Lucky, wherever you are in the wilds of all of those Islands don’t give up your dream! There is suppose to be lots more out there . . . Dennis

Dig a Little DEEPER: Treasure Chest 

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