Mask-Bot: A Robot With a Human Face

from Science Daily

ScienceDaily (Nov. 7, 2011) — Robotics researchers in Munich have joined forces with Japanese scientists to develop an ingenious technical solution that gives robots a human face. By using a projector to beam the 3D image of a face onto the back of a plastic mask, and a computer to control voice and facial expressions, the researchers have succeeded in creating Mask-bot, a startlingly human-like plastic head. Yet even before this technology is used to give robots of the future a human face, it may well soon be used to create avatars for participants in video conferences. . . . Read Complete Report

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  1. […] the following report with our last Robotic report (2/14/12) Mask-Bot: A Robot With a Human Face and it starts to sound like its got the makings of a  great Roger Corman flick. . . . […]

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