THEI Returns to the Subterranean World Part 1 : Teotihuacan “The Place Where The Gods Were Created”

Tunnel To “UNDERWORLD” Found Beneath Mexican Pyramid!

secureteam10 Published on Jul 8, 2017

DRONE OFF A PYRAMID! – Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Sun and Moon

Published on Jun 29, 2017

DRONE OFF A PYRAMID! – Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Sun and Moon. Today we visit Teotihuacan the city where men become gods! An incredible place tucked away in the wild near Mexico city. I love these pyramids so much and Im so happy I get to film with my amazing drone here!

Mexican Pyramid Liquid Mercury Secret Reveal

Published on Apr 27, 2015

Archaeologist Sergio Gomez and his team in Mexico have come closer to discovering a lost tomb deep beneath an ancient pre-Aztec pyramid at Teotihuacan. With the hidden chambers beneath the temple expected to yield burial locations of multiple kings, we explore the intriguing mystery on the Lip News with John Fenoglio and Jo Ankier.

Mexico archaeologists reach end of Teotihuacan tunnel,Sealed 2000 years ago

Published on Oct 29, 2014

MEXICO CITY – A yearslong exploration of a tunnel sealed almost 2,000 years ago at the ancient city of Teotihuacan yielded thousands of relics and the discovery of three chambers that could hold more important finds, Mexican archaeologists said Wednesday.

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Teotihuacan as a pre-flood city of the Gods? part 1 “The Unknown Mexico” Teotihuacan documentary

Published on Dec 22, 2013

This documentary is available (or will be hopefully available soon) with much better translation and audio quality here…

Secrets of the Dead Teotihuacan’s Lost Kings HD Full Documentary Films

Published on Apr 1, 2017

History Documentary hosted by Jay Sanders, published by PBS broadcasted as part of PBS Secrets of the Dead series in 2016 – English narration Following a team of international scientists, this film exclusively documents an archeological sensation: the exploration of royal tombs beneath the ancient Mexican city of Teotihuacán. Despite many decades of research, not much is known about the long-lost Teotihuacán society. But when archeologists enter the newly discovered burial chambers, they find the clues that may finally tell us who these mysterious people were.

Historical Bonus:

Colonel Johnson’s Adventures in Hollow Earth

Published on May 17, 2008

In 1839 Vice-President Colonel Richard Mentor Johnson was approached by a young US Army captain named John Symmes. Indians had told Captain Symmes that there was an entrance near the Rocky Mountains to another world which existed inside Earth’s interior. Symmes wanted government funding for an expedition into this other world. What follows is Johnson’s historical speech from the Congressional record, published January 10 1839.

Dig a Little DEEPER:

THEI Research: Secret Underground Tunnels: Past and Present

Part 1 The Meso-American Connection (1996) Dennis Crenshaw

Part 2  A Closer Look (1996) Dennis Crenshaw

Part 3  Lost Cities & Bottomless Pits

Hollow Earth/ Subterranean Worlds

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