Cannabis and Cannibalism: The Return Of Reefer Madness In The Media? (w/video)

I’ve heard  smoking pot blamed for some of the most ridiculous things in the world over the last 70 years but I’ve  got to admit this one takes the cake.  Of course I’m not saying that some of the good people who played cannibalistic zombies in the hit TV series “The Living Dead” hadn’t smoked a bowl or two before the shoot. . . but pot causing the recent “cannibal” attacks would be funny as hell if I wasn’t so tired of the misinformation about one of the most useable plants on our green earth.  lets FACE it, That’s carryin “making a munchies run ” just a bit far.

If you’ve never watched ‘Reefer Madness” I’ve included the full movie below.for your amusement. . . EDITOR

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by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director June 28, 2012

As I told staff this morning in an email, last night and this morning have been surreal being inundated with media requests for interviews on two totally disparate topics related to cannabis:

Chicago moving forward with cannabis decriminalization for possession

Media headlines (and some experts’ claims) that cannabis might have caused a guy to kill and chew his victim’s face off

Talk about one topic being ‘good’, the other one being ‘bad’ (if not totally bizarre)!

It is one thing for the media to report on the toxicological results from the autopsy of the guy who did this strange and gruesome maiming in Miami last month, but to read a professor of psychiatry at the University of Miami pop off to the Associated Press that maybe it was the strain of cannabis that might have caused this guy to become a cannibal strikes me that this professor is totally incorrect beyond belief and that her comments as an ‘expert’ are going to be repeated in any future news stories, radio and TV shows on the matter of cannabis’ safety. . . . Read Complete Report

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Film Classics | Louis J. Gasnier’s Reefer Madness (1938) | Full Length

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