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UPDATE: NOAH’S ARK FOUND OFF THE COAST OF ALASKA (Video) (+) EARLY Retro (1902) : Noah’s Ark Found—in Alaska!

Could these two reports filed by two reporters 106 years apart be related?  Or is the whole thing two hoaxes from so many years apart colliding just a coincidence?  Or is there a Conspiracy learking here?  Or is someone pulling out leg?. . . EDITOR

from Weird Universe

Originally from The Evening News (San Jose. CA) July 2, 1902

Tacoma Washington –  Much interest is being manifested in the strange tail told by W.A. Reed, secretary of the Skagway Young Christian’s Association who has returned from the interior of Alaska where he talked with Indians whose earnest statements he believes fully confirm previous reports by Indians of the lower Yukon have discovered an immense  petrified ship on Porcupine River, near Arctic Circle and north of Rampart Alaska . . . Read Complete Report

UPDATE: 11/15/2012:

from youtube

Uploaded on Mar 30, 2009

A party of brave submariners have discovered the tragic remains of Noah’s Ark deep beneath the icy waters off Alaska. Before being overcome by cold and starvation, Noah managed to scribble a few lines with his waterproof pen on some pretty long-lasting parchment stuff. These are his words from the past- ‘It’s not looking good out there on deck. The creatures have ‘gone all mutinous’ on me, demanding five course dinners and cable TV…. I’ve locked myself in my cabin with a good book (‘Backpacking with Brian’ by Bryn Parry, available at www.authorhouse.co.uk). I laughed so much that my beard fell out after reading Chapter Three. Anyway, I think I’ll have another TWIX………….. Posted with video on youtube