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Football-size robot can skim discreetly along a ship’s hull to seek hollow compartments concealing contraband

Featured Image: (From Article Below) A screen shot from an animated video shows how the robot could be used to perform ultrasound scans. Credit: Courtesy of the researchers. (Fair Use)

Science Daily

September 26, 2014
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Football-size robot can skim discreetly along a ship’s hull to seek hollow compartments concealing contraband.
Last week, at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, MIT researchers unveiled an oval-shaped submersible robot, a little smaller than a football, with a flattened panel on one side that it can slide along an underwater surface to perform ultrasound scans. . . . Read Complete Report
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E2 Underwater Robotics at MIT
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Treasure hunter finds 18th century pirate ship off Cape Cod (+) The Prince of Pirates – Black Sam Bellamy

Featured Image: “Map showing the location of the pirate ship Whydah Gally, captained by the famous “Black Sam” Bellamy, which wrecked off the coast of in Cape Cod on April 26, 1717, killing Bellamy and all but 2 of his 145 men, and taking over 4.5 short tons (4.1 tonnes) of gold, silver, and other pirate treasure down with it. Hearing of the shipwreck, then-governor Samuel Shute dispatched Captain Cyprian Southack, a local salvager and cartographer, to recover “Money, Bullion, Treasure, Goods and Merchandizes taken out of the said Ship.”
By May 3, when Southack reached the location of the wreck, he found that a part of the ship was still visible breaching the water’s surface and much of the ship’s wreckage were scattered along more than four miles (6 km) of shoreline. He created this map (Whydah-map.jpg) of the wreck site, and reported that he had buried 102 of the Whydah crew and captives that had washed ashore. They had not found any significant treasure, but he wrote, “The riches and the guns would be buried in the sand.”
The sunken treasure remained little more than a local legend until the wreck was discovered in 1984, the first pirate ship wreck ever discovered in North America”. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons. (Public Domain).

Whydah-gold CREDIT Theodore Scott SOURCE Wikipedia Commons Public Domain

Image: “Real pirate treasure at the Houston Museum of Natural Science This is part of a special exhibit – “Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah Gally from Slave Ship to Pirate Ship.”   . . . SOURCE Wikipedia Commons (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license).



From Mail Online (UK) PUBLISHED: 04:57 EST, 9 September 2013 | UPDATED: 10:19 EST, 9 September 2013

Treasure hunter finds gold coins on 18th century pirate ship off Cape Cod 


Undersea explorers have discovered a trove of buried treasure that may lead to the discovery of more than 400,000 gold coins.

Barry Clifford and his team of archaeologists also found a musket and thousands of lead balls in the 18th century pirate ship they found off the coast of Cape Cod.

Clifford told ABCNews.com the coins were found stacked up ‘like poker chips’ in clumps known as concretions. . . . Read Complete Report


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National Geographic presents;

The Prince of Pirates – Black Sam Bellamy: Documentary

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Paranormal Case Files: The Flaming Ghost Ship (Video Report)

Photo: Dark Water Patrol SOURCE: openclipart.org (Public-Domain).

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Published on Apr 1, 2013

A flaming ghost ship and her lost crew still navigate the coastal waters off Nova Scotia.

Retro: Russian SHIP with 700 TONS of GOLD Disappears (Video Report)

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Published on Oct 29, 2012

700 TONS OF GOLD ore SHIP MISSING: Russian SHIP with 700 TONS of GOLD ore goes MISSING

National Geographic: Blackbeard’s lost ship : Documentary (Full)

Photo; Edward Teach  AKA Black Beard the pirate. SOURCE Wikipedia (Public Domain) 

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UPDATE: NOAH’S ARK FOUND OFF THE COAST OF ALASKA (Video) (+) EARLY Retro (1902) : Noah’s Ark Found—in Alaska!

Could these two reports filed by two reporters 106 years apart be related?  Or is the whole thing two hoaxes from so many years apart colliding just a coincidence?  Or is there a Conspiracy learking here?  Or is someone pulling out leg?. . . EDITOR

from Weird Universe

Originally from The Evening News (San Jose. CA) July 2, 1902

Tacoma Washington –  Much interest is being manifested in the strange tail told by W.A. Reed, secretary of the Skagway Young Christian’s Association who has returned from the interior of Alaska where he talked with Indians whose earnest statements he believes fully confirm previous reports by Indians of the lower Yukon have discovered an immense  petrified ship on Porcupine River, near Arctic Circle and north of Rampart Alaska . . . Read Complete Report

UPDATE: 11/15/2012:

from youtube

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A party of brave submariners have discovered the tragic remains of Noah’s Ark deep beneath the icy waters off Alaska. Before being overcome by cold and starvation, Noah managed to scribble a few lines with his waterproof pen on some pretty long-lasting parchment stuff. These are his words from the past- ‘It’s not looking good out there on deck. The creatures have ‘gone all mutinous’ on me, demanding five course dinners and cable TV…. I’ve locked myself in my cabin with a good book (‘Backpacking with Brian’ by Bryn Parry, available at www.authorhouse.co.uk). I laughed so much that my beard fell out after reading Chapter Three. Anyway, I think I’ll have another TWIX………….. Posted with video on youtube

Divers find wreck of legendary pirate treasure ship (w/videos)

from The telegraph

Monday 20 August 2012

Divers find wreck of legendary pirate treasure ship

Divers in Tonga have discovered the wreck of a vessel said to be a historic pirate ship containing a legendary hoard of sunken treasure.

The wreck is thought to be of the Port-au-Prince sunk by local islanders after its pirate crew had filled the ship’s hold with gold and treasures looted from British vessels.

The British ship sailed into Pacific water in search of whales in 1806 after straying from its main mission of ambushing and capturing treasure ships.

But upon finding the Port-au-Prince in Tongan waters, the local king Finau Ulukalala II and his
people seized the ship and massacred most of the crew. . . . Read Complete Report w/ photos

Illustration: Pirate Plank (PUBLIC Domain)


 Just for Fun:

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Wanna Be a Pirate? Get you Pirate Movie Kit!

Armour Star Franks Commercial (1950s)

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“A 1950s commercial for Armour Star Franks encouraging you to host your own “Pirate Party.” Hot diggity dog!” . . . Text poster with video at youtube

The Black Pirate w/ Douglas Fairbanks (Full Movie – Original Silent)

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“A father dies at the hands of pirates and his noble son vows to avenge his death. So he infiltrates the pirate gang. He helps capture a ship, but discovers that there is a young woman on board whom he wishes to protect from the threat of rape. Will he sacrifice his identity for the lady?” . . . Text with Video posted to youtube.

Scott’s wrecked ship Terra Nova found off Greenland (w/video)

Photo: Polar Expedition – Capt. Scott and his exploration ship: TERRA NOVA (LOC)

SOURCE The Library of Congress (Public Domain)

from BBC News

16 August 2012 Last updated at 10:52 ET

By Paul Rincon Science editor, BBC News website

The wreck of the ship that carried Captain Robert Scott on his doomed expedition to the Antarctic a century ago has been discovered off Greenland.

The SS Terra Nova was found by a team from a US research company.

Scott and his party set off from Cardiff aboard the Terra Nova in 1910 with the aim of becoming the first expedition to reach the South Pole.

The ship had a life after the polar trek, sinking off Greenland’s south coast in 1943.

It had been on a journey to deliver supplies to base stations in the Arctic when it was damaged by ice. The Terra Nova’s crew was saved by the US Coast Guard cutter Southwind. . . . Read Complete Report

 According to the fathers of The Hollow Earth Theory (Marshall B. Gardner, A Journey to the Earth’s Interior, & William Reed, The Phantom of the Poles) it is impossible to reach the North or South Poles because they do not exist. And If you dig deep enough into the documents you will find “problems” with each and every early polar explorer’s story and documentation in their claims.. Of course, thank goodness they don’t have that problem any more. You can go to any Radio Shack and get you a GPS indicator, take off on skies, snow machines or bunny boots, with the trusty GPS apparatus in your hand, and sooner or later the government will TELL you when reach the pole of your choise. Right! And the penguins are fighting with the polar bears at both poles. . . . EDITOR

from youtube

The Race For The Poles 1/2

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Discovery Channel documentary:
“At the beginning of 20th century there were only 2 regions of our planet that were completely undiscovered and Arctic and Antarctic were still unknown and mysterious parts of the globe. Many have tried and many have failed to become the first to reach the end of the world and this documentary is the chronology famous explorers endeavors to become the first people to reach North and South Pole. Robert Peary, Roald Amundsen, Robert Scott and Ernest Shackletone were their names.” . . . Text Posted with Video on youtuibe

The Race For The Poles 2/2

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