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Drive-In Memories: Double Feature (+) Selected Short Subjects

Featured Image: DVD Cover: Suddenly – In COLOR! Also Includes the Original Black-and-White Version which has been Beautifully Restored and Enhanced! SOURCE: Amazon.com

Main Feature 

From youtube uploaded by FilmTributeTv

Suddenly! (1954) (Full B & W original movie)

Frank Sinatra & Sterling Hayden

Published on Aug 22, 2013

In the city of Suddenly, three gangsters trap the Benson family in their own house, on the top of a hill nearby the railroad station, with the intention of killing the president of the USA.


Selected Short Subjects


Owl Jolson

Uploaded on Aug 1, 2011

Classic Merry Melodies cartoon, “Owl Jolson” featuring the song, “I Love to Singa.” It’s a surprisingly great story about parents learning to love their child for who he is, despite the initial shock and disappointment of him not turning out just like them.

Frame By Frame: Drive In Theaters

Published on Jun 5, 2012

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Film Studies professor Wheeler Winston Dixon recalls the glory days of the drive-in movie theater.

1950’s Reel Trailers 

Published on Apr 25, 2012

Trailers for “Day the Earth Stood Still”, “Bride of the Gorilla”, “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman”, “The Amazing Transparent Man”, “20 Million Miles to Earth”, “The Deadly Mantis” and “First Spaceship on Venus”.Trailers are from http://archive.org/ and are available for individual free downloading on that site.

Movie News Report

1950’s Historic News, Music, War, Culture, Entertainment, Footage – Public Domain Blockbuster!

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2nd Feature

Swamp Woman SOURCE Amazon


Image: DVD Cover of Roger Corman’s Swamp Women. Source: Amazon.com


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Roger Corman’s “Swamp Women” (1956)

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Covert Alien Activity in Washington, D.C., in 2012 (w/video)

Photo: first published in the Washington Post along with stories of wave after wave of UFOs flying in the sky above Washington D.C. both nights of July 19 and July 26th 1952. CREDIT Washington Post SOURCE

from Unicus Magazine Blog

Posted on July 11, 2012 by mr_unicus

(updated 7/13/ – 7/14/ – 7/15/ – 7/16/ – 7/17 – 7/18)

by Robert M. Stanley

I realize most Americans still haven’t heard the news that Washington, D.C., has been a hot spot for covert alien activity since 1850. I must admit that even after researching and reporting on this subject for the past 7 years, I have repeatedly been surprised at the sheer number of UFO sightings in Washington. More importantly, it amazes me that this level of activity is simply ignored by the US government and the main-stream media. That is why I have continued to investigate this situation… because unfortunately no one else will.

However, as you will see below, covert alien activity is still occurring in Washington, D.C., as of 2012.

On January 1, 2012, at 1:05 a.m. . . . Read Complete Report

My new book on this subject contains over 900 eye-witness accounts from 1850 to 2011.

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UFO’s Declassified Seen over District 1950’s