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Military activity has been ratcheted up in FEMA Region III (+) Camp FEMA: American Lock Down – (Full Documentary)

Featured image: United States FEMA map dividing the country into 5 Regions of control. SOURCE: Unknown.

From IntelliHub By Shepard Ambellas October 1, 2013

Major Military Movements Spotted Inside the CONUS Possibly for Domestic Use

FEMA REGION III (DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV) — Major U.S. military equipment movements have been documented over the last week. However, surprisingly enough, it appears the build-up could potentially be for use in domestic martial law rather than the looming conflict in Syria.

According to one report, 3 large military trucks driving in a secure convoy delivered thousands of signs to a few various military installations reading, “Martial Law in Effect”. It was said that the 3 trucks traveled only in an organized convoy even after making several stops at local military bases to offload. It was reported that one leery military employee questioned his superior about the signs and got a response back that the signs were for use in another country. The employee then asked why the signs were written in english.[1] 

This all falls lockstep with major military vehicle and equipment movements spotted in Delaware on Monday.[2] . . . Read Complete Report


From youtube uploaded by lonelantern on Jan 17, 2011. Visit (http://CampFEMA.com)

Camp FEMA: American Lockdown – FULL MOVIE – 86 min


Scans might reveal even past brain activity

Featured Image: Brain at work. (Public Domain)

From World Science June 25, 2013
Courtesy of the Weizmann Institute
and World Science staff

New re­search hints that sci­en­tists could probe the brain and un­cov­er the his­to­ry of past ex­pe­ri­ences.

Re­search­ers found that waves of nerve cell ac­ti­vity in the brain bear im­prints of ear­li­er events, ex­tend­ing at least a day in­to the past.

The re­search stems from work by neuro­bi­ol­o­gist Rafi Ma­lach at Is­ra­el’s Weiz­mann In­sti­tute and oth­ers showing that the brain nev­er rests, even when its own­er is rest­ing. . . . Read Complete Report