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Time To Talk About Jeb Bush’s Disgusting Past

Featured image: Jeb Bush speaking at the 2013 CPAC in Washington D.C. on March 16, 2013. CREDIT:  Gage Skidmore. Source: Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0).

youtube by Ring of Fire Radio

Published on Mar 11, 2013

Jeb Bush, with his constant flip-flopping on the immigration issue, appears to be informally testing the waters for a presidential bid in 2016. We need to stop this campaign before it starts, so Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder dissect the ugly history of Jeb Bush.

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Scans might reveal even past brain activity

Featured Image: Brain at work. (Public Domain)

From World Science June 25, 2013
Courtesy of the Weizmann Institute
and World Science staff

New re­search hints that sci­en­tists could probe the brain and un­cov­er the his­to­ry of past ex­pe­ri­ences.

Re­search­ers found that waves of nerve cell ac­ti­vity in the brain bear im­prints of ear­li­er events, ex­tend­ing at least a day in­to the past.

The re­search stems from work by neuro­bi­ol­o­gist Rafi Ma­lach at Is­ra­el’s Weiz­mann In­sti­tute and oth­ers showing that the brain nev­er rests, even when its own­er is rest­ing. . . . Read Complete Report

A Crime against Archaeological Heritage : Destroying Syria’a Past (Video Report)

Featured Image: Syria (orthographic projection). CREDIT: L’Américain SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

From The New York Times

APRIL 6, 2013By Mac William Bishop

Across Syria, the country’s archaeological heritage is imperiled by war, facing threats that range from outright destruction by ordnance to opportunistic digging by grave diggers and treasure hunters. . . Description published with video