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UPDATED: Complete Third Party Presidential Debate ~ #1 with host Larry King (Full Video)

Third Party Presidential Debates. . . if you need a smoking gun to prove that the MSM is against real change and deeply involved in the ‘two party’ scam, we present – if you will – the fact that NONE of the lettered ‘public’ or cable TV networks are broadcasting the Debates of four of our other choices for President of our country.

The Republic-rats would rather you not see this Debate. For that reason alone we would add this to the THEI archives.   . . EDITOR

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Libertarian Freedom Fest hits the streets of Vegas (Video Report)

I have been a card carrying Libertairan since they first started. Wish I could attend this function. . . EDITOR

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Libertarians will be flooding the streets of Las Vegas. Thousands are expected to attend Freedom Fest which features forums, debates and freedom lover speakers. The agenda will cover anything and everything from Wall Street to the 2012 election. Matt Welch, editor in chief for Reason Magazine, joins us with more about the event and the Libertarian movement.