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Carroll: DEA chief stonewalls on marijuana

from The Denver Post

Posted:   06/24/2012 01:00:00 AM MDT
Updated:   06/26/2012 09:08:23 AM MDT

By Vincent Carroll Denver Post Columnist

You know federal drug policy is bankrupt when the chief of the Drug Enforcement Administration is reluctant to acknowledge even a simple fact that any eighth-grader could confirm.

“Opiates are far more addictive than marijuana,” Congressman Jared Polis said last week. “That is a fact.”

Yet this particular fact is one that the Democrat was able to extract from DEA administrator Michele Leonhart only after a stunning interrogation in which she acted as if he were demanding she choose between Hitler and Stalin on a scale of evil.

The relevant exchange began at a congressional hearing on the DEA’s priorities when Polis asked Leonhart if crack cocaine (not an opiate, obviously) were more dangerous for a user than marijuana.

Leonhart: “I believe all illegal drugs are bad.”.  .  . Read Complete Report