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Retro: The Man who originally exposed the Federal Reserve Conspiracy and the Plans of the Controllers: Eustace Mullins (Full Video)

In my mind the most important researcher in America’s History was the late, great Eustace Mullins know to different government agencies as the “Most Dangerous Man in America.”

Were it not for his research, books and lecturers  I believe the Controllers plans of a One World Order might have already been put in place.

However, I believe, that its because of Eustace’s work that more and more citizens are awakening to the world wide conspiracy.   Here is one of Eustace Mullins’ best full length lectures.  Hope you enjoy this informative lecture by one of my most important mentors, and a real American Patriot Extraordinaire. . . EDITOR

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sFantastic presentation by the late great Eustace Mullins about the Secrets of the Federal Reserve. Eustace Mullins is arguable the best researcher of esoteric topics.

U.S.-Cuba Policy: A Boon for Cuban-American Entrepreneurs (+) Fascination Cuba (Full Video)

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Posted: 01/26/2013 9:36 pm


The time has come and almost gone for Washington to repair its broken relations with Cuba. For 53 years the White House has maintained a punishing embargo on trade with Cuba. Its proponents, with the goal of removing Cuba’s revolutionary government, still plead: “Give it time.”

In 2001 President George W. Bush allowed for an exception permitting U.S. companies to sell agricultural products to Cuba for immediate payment, although imports from Cuba remained off limits. Other economic sectors received no benefits. Read Complete Report

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Fascination Cuba

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Cannabis Culture News: Canada’s New Medical Marijuana Regulations ~ Amsterdam Awards & Much, Much More! (Full Video)

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Planet X Am I Going To Die? Animation Visual, Linked (FULL Video Documentary)

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In this video, I present the evidence that suggests there is a Planet X
This is not flimsy evidence; This is rock solid, concrete evidence
Cogent and coherent facts, presented as a list, with a little explanation and commentary
I think this video will blow you away!
If you are a non-believer, take off that shirt and put on, ‘BELIEVER’, because once you have seen this video, you won’t ever be the same, again! . . . Posted with video at youtube