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Creating a Secret Language to Hide from the Government

Featured Image: A page from the mysterious Voynich manuscript, which is undeciphered to this day. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (This image (or other media file) is in the public domain because its copyright has expired).

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How to Talk Without Being Heard!

With all the treason being committed by the government (NSA breaking the fourth amendment, Benghazi cover up, CIA ripping the elections, etc.), there is good reason to learn how to create your own secret language.

After all, whenever you speak, or even text, your words are going to go through the NSA super computers, be scanned for info deemed harmful to our rulers, and then your home can be broken into without a warrant and your money seized, and so on. . . . Read Complete Report

Dudu.com – social networking without language barriers (Video Report)

Featured Image: At the Computer. SOURCE wpclipart.com (Public-Domain).

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Published on May 18, 2013

A group of Russian developers create a social networking website that erases language barriers. An intuitive translation system allows users to communicate with friends, read news articles and follow favorite celebrities in their own native languages. The goal – attracting members from all over the world. RT’s Anastasia Churkina caught up with the team when they visited the Big Apple.
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Retro: Unexplained Ancient Language and Inscriptions Discovered in United States (W/Videos)

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012 14:08

Over the past 200 years numerous ancient inscriptions have been found in the USA that seem to point to Europeans discovering and travelling to America hundreds if not thousands of years before Columbus.  Below are some of the most controversial and bizarre discoveries made.

Kensington Rune Stone

Discovered in 1898 by Olof Ohman near Kensington, Minnesota underneath a large tree that was being uprooted.  The large stone is a 200 pound piece of greywacke that is covered with ancient Scandinavian runes on its face and side. . . . Read Complete Report

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Judaculla Rock

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Kensington Runestone story (KBJR-TV Duluth MN)

Uploaded on Dec 15, 2008

Hoax or history? On November 8, 1898, a Swedish immigrant farmer, Olof Ohman, and his ten-year-old son say they found a Scandinavian runestone, dated 1362, wedged in the roots of a tree in rural Minnesota.