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THEI Eyeballs the War on the War on Drugs Part 1

Why The War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure

YouTube ~ Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Nixon Invented War On Drugs To Attack Black People And Leftists

YouTube ~ The Young Turks

 John Ehrlichman was one of the henchmen for Richard Nixon. He was sent to prison for his role in the Watergate conspiracy. He was also part of a much broader conspiracy, which has only recently come to light. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. . . . Continue on YouTube

America’s War on Drugs: The CIA’s Project MKUltra | History

HISTORY  Published on Jun 20, 2017

Retired Police Captain demolishes the War on Drugs

Published on Oct 25, 2012

LEAP co-founder, Peter Christ, appears on WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, NY and takes on all aspects of our disastrous War on Drugs. Captain Christ is vice-chair of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

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Do you remember Iran-Contra? How about the Mena Connection? (w/videos)

from youtube

Published on Aug 4, 2012 by 

“Twenty-five years ago the Iran-Contra Scandal made headline across the globe. The US was selling weapons to Iran and funneling money to rebels in Nicaragua. Back in the 1980s the incident left a dark cloud over the reputation of the country and then-president Ronald Reagan. But do Americans remember what happened almost three decades ago? Lori Harfinest of www.TheResident.net took to the streets of New York to find out.

“Find out more at www.theresident.net’ . . . Posted along with video at youtube

Then there is the part that was hushed up real quick! And quickly shoved unter the blue rug. . . EDITOR 


from youtube

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The Mena Connection Full Documentary

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Welcome to the NEW (and old) HOLLOW EARTH INSIDER

“As I see it: Thoughts from an Underground Insider”


THIS IS THE MEDIA  OUTLET of our website, www.thehollowearthinsider.com. Some of the reports, articles etc. may be reflected in the “Deeper” research area of the site and are meant to be combined with information from there to give more detailed  information on the subject matter.                                                    

Dennis Crenshaw Editorwww.thehollowearthinsider.com



Howdy everyone.  And that’s right.  I’m back to doing what I was meant to do, research and reporting. As Popeye the Sailor often said, “I yam what I yam.”

I really enjoyed working with my good friend Rick Osmon in developing and hosting our internet radio show, “Unraveling the Secrets.”  Of course after I decided to return to my research Rick took up the slack. The show can still be heard with two of our friends WM. Michael Mott & Brian Kannard joining Rick as co-hosts. Unraveling the Secrets can still be heard at the same Insiders URL, Saturdays at midnight from home base – the Soup Media Network.

The two and a half years I spent as host of the show was one of the highlights of my life and fulfilled a bunch of dreams – I was able to pick the brains of some of the most knowledgeable people in the world – what researcher/reporter would pass up that opportunity? … Certainly not I.

I will not try to list all these great folks that I met and interviewed during my time at Unraveling the Secrets out of fear that I would leave someone off the list, but in the future I’ll be writing articles on them and their individual areas of expertise.   [Many of the interviews are stored at, and can be heard from the Unraveling the Secrets archives.]

One of the benefits of going “into” internet radio was all the great people I met.  I wanna give a shout out to one of them. A great guy I would not otherwise have met, my new “A” list amigo, Angel Espino. He’s better known as “Tha Jackal” and is host of “Tha Jackals Head” radio show heard over PSN-radio (internet radio) every Saturday and Sunday at 10: 00 pm Eastern time. Check him out – he’s a blast! . . . But more on my “radio years” another time, right now I gotta get to work.


The “New” Old Hollow Earth Insider

When I finally decided to go back to work and give up the prestigious job of hosting “Unraveling the Secrets” I spent some time deciding on a new format for the Hollow Earth Insider site…  After much thought and experiment I decided to return to the look and the “feel” of the original publication from the ’90s;  At least as close as I could using this newfangled electronic media and with my computer-savvy younger keepers looking over my shoulder.

In rebuilding the old THEI site I started with my writings which had already been published on the web, not only on the THEI site but including a few of my writings that were scattered on other sites as well.  After spell checking and rewriting a bit, I changed the font to be one that’s easier to read (12 pt. Arial); at the same time I added click able links directing the reader to sources and sites to enable further research.  To each report I also added a sprinkling of photos, illustrations and videos.

I put up a new section “THEI Website Additions” and a bunch of other goodies. One of my dreams was to make this site a place where folks like to go for information; a depositary of as much of my personal research from over the years as I could locate along with loads of source material and research of others who would like to contribute.  The site is a work in progress so I will be adding new information often. I also realized that some of our guests only want to keep up with what’s going on today in the areas we look into rather than “old” research. With that in mind we also feature the “New” Hollow Earth Insider… that’s the part you are reading now. Both sections have different Tables of contents. Hope it isn’t too confusing.

In the main “Deeper” research area I added pages of links to articles, groups, videos and sites that share the same interests. I have even added a chat room. You can help us flesh out the site by sending your ideas to improve the site – favorite underground material, source or link – suggestions, comments, howdy-dos (or whatever) by way of our Guest Book or E-mail. It’s only through your input that I can continue to upgrade and improve The Hollow Earth Insider. Even if you only want to let me know what you think of the new site please leave a comment in the guest book. Thanks for your support.  Oh, and one more thing … I urge you to read “Letter to a Skeptic”, located on the top task bar first. It contains scientific fact which might surprise even the “hard core” believer. (No pun intended … well, maybe a little.)


Don’t miss our new video room.  We will be featuring full length documentaries and movies for your enjoyment.  Check back often for new videos.  In fact if you join the list in the top right corner on the research side you’ll be notified when we change the video or when I put up a new blog or make any changes to the site.  Because the New Hollow Earth Insider is going to be, (ripping off a slogan from my good friend Jim Moseley publisher of the longest running UFO magazine in the world, “Saucer Smear”) an “Unscheduled-Scheduled, Publication”  joining our Insiders list will be the best way to keep up with any additions or changes here at THEI … after all I am retired and to tell the truth I’ve had enough scheduling in my life.

Here are a couple of the new features on the site you might be interested in.

Now showing in the Insider’s Video Room

A limited Premiere Engagement: The Mena Connection, “An insider’s documentary of the real Mena Arkansas story – CIA, Bush, Clinton, Money, Drugs, Guns and more.”  (2 hrs. 21½ mins.)  Presented by THEI so we will never forget the government’s policy towards the CIA’s drug smuggling … “Don’t Just Say No – Fly Low.”   Note:  Feature Videos changed often.


THEI Video 101   THEI Eyeballin’ the New World Order


From the vaults of YouTube: Warnings of the Controllers Plans for All of Us.

Give me 54 minutes of your time and I’ll prove to you in easy to understand video just how far the controllers have progressed in my lifetime (I am 67) towards completing their controlled world society by lowering the United States standards of living and chipping away at our country’s sovereignty. If you find this information useful and easy to follow please pass the URL along to your “doubting Thomas’” family and friends.

We must make others realize that we will never get out of this mess by continuing to send members of the one party with two heads, the Republic-rats,  to Washington to change our direction because, after all is said and done, history has proven that their agenda is the same. . .  The destruction of the freedoms our forefathers passed on to us and the complete dis-establishment of our way of life.

You enter the  research area of the site by clicking on  “Deeper” on the top task bar.

I hope you like the site… let me know either way by taking a second to post your thoughts in the guest book over in the research area. While there you might want to join the Insiders list so you will not miss out. Thanks.

Enjoy your visit here at THEI, your source for information regarding ”underground” mysteries be they deep beneath the world we live on or hidden in plain sight right here on the surface.