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Adam Kokesh: How to think your way out of the police state in 7 minutes

Featured Image: Adam Kokesh, 2010. CREDIT: Adam Kokesh. SOURCE: Wikipedia (Public-Domain).

youtube by AdamKokesh

Published on Feb 16, 2015

Do you support the police? What do they do to keep you safe? These are harder questions for the average statist than you might imagine!

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Police State USA: Officer cleared after going to wrong address, shooting innocent grandpa in his garage

image: Police State, courtesy David Dees


From policestateusa.com

Officer cleared after going to wrong address, shooting innocent grandpa in his garage

“FORT WORTH, TX — An elderly man was slain in his own garage because police “inadvertently began searching” the wrong address while investigating a burglary call.  Spotting a man who appeared “standoffish” in his own garage, police opened fire, killing a 72-year-old grandfather.  After months of investigation, the officer has been cleared and is back on the streets.”

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This type of incident is why the Indiana law makes sense and will save innocent lives. It forces officers, on fear of death, to identify themselves both audibly and visibly to avoid being shot justifiably. And it just might save the lives of every day citizens, although that doesn’t seem to be a concern of nearly enough cops.

The Kronies

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This is both hilarious and depressing.
Along with the action figure set called “Angry Mob”, the Kronies could serve as a great stop action video…and it just might someday.

The Kronies is, at this point, a humorous (and great) idea for action figures that are not yet completely ready for market. The characters represent the people and forces that we here at THEI call “The Controllers”. The creative bent shown in designing the characters is quite impressive. For instance, the faceless “Big G” character, representing Big Government, of course, is dressed in a suit that is red on his right side and blue on his left. As Ron Paul said when asked whether he would run as a 3rd party candidate, “I’m still looking for a second party”. Other characters are represented as big labor and big parts suppliers, working together, “Ariel Stryker”, in the form of a flying Valkyrie like character who carries air to ground missiles, banksters, and commodity price fixers. But there is an opposing force of entrepreneurs and small business owners. And a touch of Angry Mob. The promotional video they have on their site, thekronies.com is equally creative, hilarious, and simultaneously depressing. Because they nailed the nature of the situation: a de facto conspiracy among US Government, banking and insurance industries, big labor, big agriculture creating an economic police state.  Where the kreators of the Kronies got smart was making the karakcters openly konnectred and then telling the story from their side, much like the new Disney movie, Maleficent, tells the Snow White tale from the viewpoint of the evil queen, played by Angelina Jolie and looking pretty good doing it.

We at THEI wish good great things for the entrepreneurs at thekronies.com. We also recognize their full intellectual property rights and encourage them to make the Kronies a lucrative idea. If I can get my hands on both sets of action figures, The Kronies and the Angry Mob, there will be amateur stop motion video…with pyrotechinics. I may even do a new video over Conspiracy Boogie

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The Internet is a Police State Surveillance Grid

From youtube uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel·

Uploaded on Feb 26, 2010

Alex also talks with John Young, webmaster of Cryptome, a website that covers news on freedom of speech, cryptography, spying, and surveillance. The ISP Network Solutions shuttered Young’s site earlier in the week after he posted a document summarizing Microsoft’s dealings with law enforcement agencies.

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POLICE STATE VS CITIZEN – Officers get caught harassment abuse misconduct profiling

From youtube uploaded by Adan Gonzalez·  on Nov 22, 2013

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Featured Image: Thanx to David Dees.

From youtube uploaded by MOXNEWSd0tC0M on Dec 26, 2013

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Island of Maui Gears Up for War with Civilian Populace

Featured image: Lenco Bearcat, in this case operated by Nashville P.D. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Wonder if the city of Mayberry will be purchasing one of these for Barney Fife to use on patrol?. . . EDITOR

From IntelliHub Staff Writer | October 27, 2013 | 12:58am EST

It looks as if the County Police Dept. has gotten their hands on a few new toys to tryout on the locals. 

MAUI, HAWAII (INTELLIHUB) — On an island with a human population of only 145k people, why would the County Police Dept. need a “Lenco Bearcat armored vehicle capable of withstanding .50 cal. shelling to patrol the streets? What would they possibly use this thing for?

To top it all off, the Police Dept. requested a new tactical robot, tactical vests and cache of assault rifles.

The Budget and Finance Committee approved the spending sometime in 2012, paving the way for a massive police state in paradise. It’s guaranteed that if you asked any local islander if the police need a tank for their Special Response Team on Maui, they would say no. There is simply no use for such a piece of equipment for the scope of the island.

Some locals will likely be outraged when they find out T.V. figureheads like Piers Morgan are pushing gun control measures while their very own Police Dept. is literally gearing up for war, arming their employees with assault rifles. The very same rifles demonized by the media in wake of several mass shootings.

The Bearcat cost Maui taxpayers about $280,000.


[1] Maui Police Acquire “Bearcat” Tactical Armored Vehicle – MauiNow.com

[2] Lenco Bearcat – Wikipedia.org


From youtube uploaded by GunWebsites

Lenco BearCat Armored Vehicle

Uploaded on Feb 5, 2012

We take a look at the Lenco BearCat a wheeled armored personnel carrier used by numerous military and law enforcement agencies.


The US Park Police Is The New UN Police Force (W/Video) (+) THEI Archive: Adam Kokesh VS U.S. Park Police (Videos)

Featured Image: United States Park Police. Taken at rappel school. CREDIT: Ebasek. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license).

From Before it’s News By Dave Hodges Thursday, September 5, 2013 6:55

How many bad policemen does it take to say that we are living in a police state? Of all the abuses of power by the newly federalized police across America, there is one law enforcement agency that is moving to the head of the class with regard to invoking police state type of tactics against innocent American citizens, and that agency would be the United States Park Police. However, the United States Park Police is a misnomer because the title of this agency should be The United Nations Park Police. The unconstitutional and brutal practices of this Gestapo organization provides Americans with a glimpse of what it will be like to live under the New World Order under its Agenda 21 policies. . . . Read Complete Report

From youtube uploaded by Fr33manTV

Cops Brutally Arrest Peaceful Woman at Liberty Bell

Published on Sept. 1, 2013

UPDATE: Her name is Emily Yates ofhttp://emilyyatesdoeseverything.com/ and her crime was apparently sitting on the wrong bench. That was the cop’s bench, not the people’s bench.
I watched as this woman was brutally arrested outside of the Liberty Bell. Saturday August 31, 2013.


Follow the story of super patriot Adam Kokesh (Adam VS The Man) as he challenges the US Park Police on several constitutional issues, is illegally arrested several times and then turned loose.  Finally his home is raided and he is kidnapped and incarcerated and is currently awaiting trial in jail. . .  EDITOR

 THEI Archive Adam Kokesh VS U.S. Park Police

6/26/2013: Adam Kokesh “Walkin’ the Walk” (Video Reports)

7/10/2013:  Police Break Down Door, Throw Flash Bang Grenade Raiding Adam Kokesh (Video Report)

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Signs of the merging Police State (Video Reports)

Featured Image: Thanx to David Dees.

From youtube uploaded by msbutterflylee Sep 14, 2012

Mother Arrested for letting kids play outside ! 

From youtube uploaded by Houseless.org· on Jan 15, 2013

30 People Arrested for Intent to Feed the Homeless?

From youtube uploaded by maddox Oct 14, 2011

Girls set up illegal lemonade stand

From youtube uploaded by carpentersdaughter2 on Apr 1, 2009

The Garden Police Are Coming.

From youtube uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel on Jul 17, 2011

Garden Bandit Julie Bass: Michigan Woman Fights Back Against City Imperialism

From youtube uploaded by Love1andbeloved1 on May 2, 2013

Police State 101: Man Racially Profiled And Arrested For Drinking Arizona Ice Tea

From youtube uploaded by SavageNationLiberty Jun 21, 2013

Video: Police Barge into Home, Make Arrest over Length of Grass – Police State! – 6/21/13

From youtube uploaded by Jeenyus CornerTV Sep 28, 2012

NJ Cop On Power-Trip Tries To Steal Teen Camera For Recording Incident

From youtube uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel· on Sep 12, 2012

FBI Visit Teen Over Police State Video on YouTube

Retro: Jesse Ventura Police State FEMA Camps Full Episode

Featured Image: Jesse Ventura. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain).

From youtube uploaded by justlikeneo

Uploaded on Feb 9, 2012

Censored Episode Of Conspiracy Theory – Police State (Season 2, Episode 4) Aired 11/12/2010 (Aired only one time before being pulled by the network due to pressure from the government)

TruTV description:
It’s been said the government has a plan to declare martial law and round up millions of United State citizens into concentration camps. Jesse may have found a conspiracy in plain sight as he investigates the proliferation of law enforcement Fusion Centers around the country. And they may be connected to hundreds of detention centers ready to accept prisoners at the stroke of a Presidential pen. TV-PG-L