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Automation is Here and Our Society is Completely Ill Prepared

Automation is Here and Our Society is Completely Ill Prepared

Jamarl Thomas

Published on Aug 24, 2017

Automation is Here and Our Society is Completely Ill Prepared.

Dig a Little DEEPER: Robots Replacing Humans 


CASHLESS SOCIETY – Sweden Is Leading The Way for a Future Without Cash

Featured Image: Swedish Krona. SOURCE: Wikipedia (Fair Use) 

youtube by Elite NWO Agenda Published on Nov 3, 2014

Cold Warzone: North Korea’s Militarized Society

Featured Image: Emblem of North Korea. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public-Domain)

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Published on Dec 13, 2013

The Juche Era: An uncharted journey through the heart of isolationist North Korea.

Dig a LITTLE DEEPER ~ THEI Archive “Korea”

Ron Paul “In A Libertarian Society There Is NO Military-Industrial Complex!” (+) Eisenhower warns us of the M-IC. (Video Reports)

Featured Image: Ron Paul official Congressional photo portrait, 2007. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain).

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Ron Paul “In A Libertarian Society There Is NO Military Industrial Complex!”

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Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.

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Dwight D. Eisenhower exit speech on Jan.17,1961.
Warning us of the military industrial complex.

Interview With A Reptilian, A Race Living In A Middle Earth Society – Aliens Are Here (Video)

Featured Image: Reptilian. CREDIT: John Rhodes. SOURCE: Reptoids Research Center

From Before its News Saturday, August 10, 2013 12:39

According to Andy Thoo Wai Kiat, reptilians are living inside the earth. He says ”Reptilian worlds are like Egyptian Middle Eastern pronunciations with a lot of SSSS snake hissing sound in their words “Sssshiaassshakkkasskkhhhshhh” with a very very strong pronunciation of the “sh” and “k” sounds in their everyday languages.”

“The following should confirm to anyone with an open mind that there are benevolent reptilian humanoids in the universe who seek to mingle in peace. “. . . Read Complete Report

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The complete “Lacerta” interview
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Cuban blogger says underground networks changing society

Featured Image: Wall in Havana Cuba.  Mural Showing Cuba flag and Che Guevara. SOURCE: PublicDomainImagesOnline.

From Reuters

By Stephanie Nebehay

GENEVA | Thu May 2, 2013 1:04pm EDT


“There is a network of clandestine information, the volume, speed and efficiency of which you cannot imagine. It is not in megabytes or gigabytes but in terrabytes,” Sanchez told a news conference in Geneva.

“One family has an illegal parabolic antenna hidden in a pseudo watertank and can transmit to 200 to 300 families who pay a monthly fee,” said Sanchez, who has pioneered the use of social media to challenge Cuba’s one-party system.” . . . Read Complete Report