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Sunken Ancient Egyptian City Discovered (+) Amarna : Ancient Egypt’s Other Lost City (Full Documentary)

Featured Image: Egypt. Pyramids of Gizeh. Reflecting pyramid mounted camelman. SOURCE: Library of Congress (Public Domain)

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Sunken Ancient Egyptian City Discovered

Published on Dec 17, 2013

Sunken Ancient Egyptian City Discovered After 1200 Years
Heracleion ia a city much like Atlantis, submerged and swallowed by the Mediterranean sea for over 1200 years. But archaeologists are now discovering amazing statues of Egyptian Gods and beautiful gold artifacts. The mysteries of this sunken city is truly being unraveled . . . From description published with video.

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Amarna : Ancient Egypt’s Other Lost City (Full Documentary)

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Sunken treasure found off coast of Texas (Video Report)

Featured Image. Pirate vessels. SOURCE: publicdomainimages.com

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July 24, 2013 12:24 PM

Newly released images show sunken treasure found off the coast of Galveston, Texas, from a shipwreck that has laid undisturbed on the floor of the Gulf for 200 years.

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Featured Image: 1853 triangulation chart of Biscayne Bay, Key West, Bahia Honda, the Cedar keys and the Dry Tortugas produced by the U.S. Coast Survey. Essentially five maps compiled onto a single sheet. Upper left map focuses on Key West, Florida, and the surrounding islands. Upper right map details Key Biscayne Bay, just south of Miami and north of Key Largo. Other maps show the Cedar keys, the Dry Tortugas and Bahia Honda. Prepared under the supervision of A. D. Bache for the 1853 Report of the Superintendant of the U.S. Coast Survey . SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain). [View full size].

From Treasure Works Reported by: Brent Hunsaker Last Updated on Thursday, 23 May 2013

KEY WEST, Florida (ABC 4 News) – Cross Marine Projects of American Fork likes to get its feet wet. The company has gained a global reputation for finding things in lakes and oceans – things that other people have lost.

Cross is perhaps on the verge of it’s biggest find to date. It’s a find that could change history and make some people very rich.

A Cross team was recently in Key West, Florida. They used the tourist Mecca to stage an exploration of sea floor about 10 miles South. Their objective: a Spanish ship that sank nearly four centuries ago. . . . Read Complete Report