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Humanoid robot flexes its 160 muscles for creepy realism (W/Video)

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from NBC News

Posted by Devin Coldewey , NBC News

Robots that look like people are nothing new, but not all of them truly aim to imitate the human body. The Kenshiro robot, an ongoing project at the University of Tokyo, aims to simulate a person right down the muscles and bones.

Kenshiro is the latest in a series that started with Kenta, a robot made to imitate, in simplified form, most of the human body’s musculature. A quasi-futuristic shell and staring eyes gave it a slightly nightmarish appearance, but the robot itself was groundbreaking. With about 100 cables and motors, it simulated dozens of muscle structures. . . . Read Complete Report

From youtube

Robot Copies Your Muscles and Bones

Published on Dec 10, 2012

Meet Kenshiro, developed by Japanese researchers as a bio-inspired humanoid robot.