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Bug Out Bag, Walmart Style ~ 10 Items a New Prepper Needs ~ Bug Out/Emergency Medical Kit

 Featured Image: Off-the-shelf Red Cross preparedness kit . Washington, DC, March 07, 2006 — A Red Cross “ready to go” preparedness kit showing the bag and it’s contents. These kits are available from the Red Cross and the contents can be customized. Red Cross photograph. SOURCE: FEMA. Wikipedia (Public Domain)

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Bug Out Bag, Walmart Style

youtube by EverydayTacticalVids

Published on Apr 23, 2014

(FULL LIST OF ITEMS) As the title says, this is a bug-out bag built from items you can find only at Walmart. Total cost is around $200 and the weight is right around 20 lbs. The scenario I was thinking of as I built it was Hurrican Katrina – a situation where you have to get out of town quick and sustain for 72+ hours before relief or help is there. Check it out.

youtube by Black Scout Survival 10 Items a New Prepper Needs

Published on Oct 7, 2013

In this episode, we review 10 items (plus 1 for extra credit) that are essential to survival if something catastrophic happens. These are items we feel everyone should have in their home even if they are not “preppers”. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching. Remember to subscribe!

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Bug Out/Emergency Medical Kit

Published on May 13, 2014

This is my Bug Out/INCH/Emergency medical kit, it’s not very tactical but more like practical in nature. If I ever have to leave my home for good or if the disaster is going to be rather large like a hurricane, I’ll be taking this kit.

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World Economic Collapse Eminent, Want a Twinkie?

After a century of success in the bakery and snack food industry, Hostess is going belly up. Hostess had been the model company on which similar firms on this and other continents were built. Many of those foreign firms are still thriving – for now. But the original Continental Baking Company, parent to Hostess, is closing the doors on this division. Citing labor problems, ongoing strikes, plant sabotage, and the cost of doing business as an employer in this brave new “free insurance” world, CBC has filed for bankruptcy. Eighteen thousand union workers will join the rolls of the unemployed.

Hostess’ famous product line is more than a snack food, it’s a cultural icon. Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Fruit Pies, and Zingers have carried us through when all our other cultural norms were shaken. It seemed that Twinkies would always be there… Really, they never rot. And after a person accumulates a good size spare tire from eating too many Hostess snacks, it never goes away either. And that may be the root of Hostess’ problems: Michelle Obama’s war on obesity. Read more