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Featured Image: New Orleans under water after Hurricane Katrina taken on 09-06-2005.  CREDIT: Jocelyn Augustino.  SOURCE: fema.gov (Public-Domain)

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China to increase weather manipulation program (w/video)

Photo: Hurricane Katrina: Weather Warfare Conspiracy? SOURCE Conspiracy Nation

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By chillymanjaroMay 26, 2012

A leading Chinese meteorologist says the country will employ more rainmaking technology and make better use of it in the next five years.

Some 560,000 manipulations of the weather have been conducted since 2002 using aircraft, rockets and projectiles carrying dry ice or silver iodide particles to stimulate rainfall, resulting with release of 489.7 billion tons of rain and saved about $10.4 billion in economic losses the China Meteorological Administration reported.

China started with weather modification program in 1958. For the 2008 Olympics, China had 30 airplanes, 4,000 rocket launchers, and 7,000 anti-aircraft guns to stop rain.. . . Read Complete Report

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Weather Control – China ‘s Perfect Weapon

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What if todays crazy weather patterns devastating countries, crops and people are not as a result of global warming? What if it’s more sinister – the perfect weapon. . . Continue