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Ageing Rock Stars – Easter Island’s crumbling monuments

Featured Image: Moai Rano raraku on Easter Island. CREDIT: Aurbina . SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public-Domain)

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Published on Nov 18, 2013

Preserving the iconic Easter Island Faces from the forces of change.

Dig a LITTLE DEEPER ~ THEI Archive “Mysterious Easter Island”

Did Easter Island’s famous statues ‘walk’ into place? (+) Nat Geo – The Statues That Walked

Featured image:Moai at Rano RarakuEaster Island Credit: Aurbina SOURCE: Wikipedia, This work has been released into the public domain by its author, Aurbina at the English Wikipedia project. This applies worldwide

From  NBC Science 8 Jun 2013 10:29am, EDT

Did Easter Island’s famous statues ‘walk’ into place?

By Tia Ghose, LiveScience

An idea suggesting massive stone statues that encircle Easter Island may have been “walked” into place has run into controversy.

In October 2012, researchers came up with the “walking” theory by creating a 5-ton replica of one of the statues (or “moai”), and actually moving it in an upright position, and have published a more thorough justification in the June issue of the Journal of Archaeological Science. If the statues were walked into place, then the islanders didn’t need to cut down the island’s palm trees to make way for moving the massive carvings, the researchers argue. . . . Read Complete Report

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National Geographic Live! – Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo: The Statues That Walked

Published on Aug 13, 2012

Easter Island archaeologists Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo offer a radically different theory of the island’s history.

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5/16/12  Excavating the Easter Island Statues

12/8/12 Explorer : Easter Island Underworld (Full Video)

Explorer : Easter Island Underworld (Full Video)

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uploaded by NationalGeographic

Published on Feb 16, 2012

On legendary Easter Island, scientists undertake a groundbreaking expedition: to map a vast cave system.

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Excavating the Easter Island Statues

And we thought they were just busts of strange shaped heads! . . . EDITOR

from Easter Island Statue Project

Letters from the Director

Excavation Season V October-November 2011


“Interestingly, Rapa Nui oral traditions say that statue carvers were paid for their talent and effort in desirable food, including especially tuna and lobster. At the deepest level of our excavation this season we found tuna vertebrae!  Also, we found strong evidence of how the ancient carvers manipulated the statue to raise it upright, pivot it and drop it in a hole 1 m deep cut in bedrock.  The process left scars and indents on the statue surface.  When seen on statues lying on roads, these same sorts of scars have been interpreted by others as evidence of upright transport methods. Our excavation, however, clearly shows that such damage could have been caused in the quarry. The unpublished notes of the Mana Expedition to Easter Island (1914-15) suggested and support these findings in Quarry 2 and elsewhere in Rano Raraku. . . . Read Complete Report

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