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#Unrig Part 3: The Movement – The Summer of Peace – HELP SAVE AMERICA The Peaceful Revolution Has Begun

Join the Movement #Unrig. I am. Get Involved. It’s TIME to get SERIOUS!!  HELP SAVE OUR AMERICA . . Your Editor Dennis Crenshaw

#UNRIG: Summer of Peace – Robert David Steele and Cynthia McKinney

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Published on Jun 20, 2017

#UNRIG: Summer of Peace

To restore integrity and truth to governance, with the informed will of We the People at its heart.

To enjoy a transparent government by 2022, that operates with honesty, respecting our planet and the human spirit. That we may create a healthy, prosperous America rooted in truth with peace as our shared condition.

Robert David Steele is an activist for election reform. A former spy and pioneer for Open Source Everything Engineeering, he was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He has written the Trump Revolution series at Amazon and free online, and is the co-founder with Cynthia McKinney of #UNRIG: Summer of Peace (Beyond Trump & Sanders).

Dr. Cynthia McKinney, the first black woman elected to represent Georgia in the U.S. House of Representatives, served six terms as a Democrat. She left the Democratic Party to run as the residential candidate of the Green Party in 2008. While in office and since Dr. McKinney has been a fierce advocate of fact-based governance with integrity. She has many published books and articles to her credit. She is a recognized voice across many peace and humanitarian fronts. She is the co-founder, with Robert David
Steele, of #UNRIG: Summer of Peace (Beyond Trump & Sanders).

Denise M. Wilbanks is a contemporary thinker and visionary. She is the author of Connecting to Love: Unleashing the Power of Yes. Denise reaches out to heal others through tools in self-empowerment.

Steve Bhaerman is a transpartisan activist and “uncommontator” who’s spent the past 30 years using comedy to bring people together. He is the author of Spontaneous Evolution with noted cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, and Reuniting America with transpartisan pioneer Joseph McCormick.

Angie Blake is CEO and Editor in Chief for Victurus Libertas. She has been a humanitarian, an activist, a mother, and a truth seeker for the majority of her life. She seeks happiness in a world filled with peace and truth rather than violence and deceit. She seeks to change the world.

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Robert David Steele: Alex Jones is G00GLE’s Bitc…! #UNRIG

Published on Jun 22, 2017

Robert Steele breaks down #UNRIG: Summer of Peace and then spills the beans on Alex Jones. With the violent, Soros-funded #RESIST psy-flag about to be unleashed on America next week, why is #UNRIG NOT being covered on Infowars? Alex, break the media silence on #UNRIG ASAP and get Robert back on the show already!

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Jesse Ventura Q: “Is That What You Want? You Want A Revolution In America?” A: “YES! ABSOLUTELY!”

Featured Image: Jesse Ventura. SOURCE: NNDP

From youtube uploaded by MOXNEWSd0tC0M on Nov 25, 2013


“Jesse Ventura”   “Revolution” 

2nd American Revolution Begins – Attorney Larry Klayman – LaFayette Park Washington DC

Image: Thanx to David Dees.

From youtube uploaded by MaxOneMedia

Published on Nov 19, 2013


2nd American Revolution Begins – Attorney Larry Klayman – LaFayette Park Washington DC

Passionate Attorney Larry Klayman is at LaFayette Park in Washington DC across from the White House saying that we as a citizenry have been dis-served by the leaders of this country for generations. It is time for the government to listen to US, the people of this great nation; not for us to listen to them. Learn more at

Max One Media:

Event Date: November 19, 2013 – Raw Streamed Video Sourced From:

Let the Information Revolution begin . . . Reclaim America Now

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John Stossel ~ The Bitcoin Revolution (Video Report)

Featured Image:  New bitcoin logo. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons. (This work has been released into the public domain  bitboy. This applies worldwide). 

From youtube uploaded by Published on Sep 23, 2013


9/22/2013: Bitcoin ATMs Are Coming to America (Video Report)

5/23/2013:  US cracks down on Bitcoin exchange (Video Report)


Ron Paul’s Revolution gets its own news channel (video Report)

Featured Image: Thanx to David Dees

From youtube uploaded by RTAmerica

Published on Aug 19, 2013

Doctor Ron Paul has been the face of Libertarian politics since the 1970’s and now the former lawmaker is set to launch his own Internet based show that will broadcast his views on liberty and limited government. RT’s Meghan Lopez has more on how Ron Paul is taking the revolution online.

Robot Revolution? Scientists Teach Robots to Learn

Featured Image:Hollow Robotman. Original art produced by Jim Sutton. SOURCE: RobotClipArt (Public Domain).

Another “Robots into Humans” Archive piece. . . EDITOR

From National Geographic Brian by Handwerk Published July 18, 2013

Would a robot serving you coffee in bed make waking up easier on weekday mornings? Could a household robot help an elderly relative who is living alone? How would you like to climb into a robotic car and eat breakfast with the kids while you’re all driven to school and work?

These scenarios may sound like science fiction, but experts say they’re a lot closer to becoming reality than you probably think.

Brown University roboticist Chad Jenkins expects a near-term robot revolution that will echo the computing revolution of recent decades. And he says it will be driven by enabling robots to learn more like humans do—by watching others demonstrate behaviors and by asking questions. . . . Read Complete Report


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Revolution: An Instruction Manual (Video Documentary)

Featured Image: Flag at half mast Washington D.C. SOURCE (Public-Domain).

From youtube uploaded by StormCloudsGathering

Published on Jul 5, 2013

How to take down a tyrant without firing a shot.

National Security State up against a Whistleblower Revolution (Video Report)

Featured Image:End of day Whistle SOURCE: (Public-Domain)

From youtube uploaded by RTAmerica

Published on Jun 20, 2013

There are nearly 5 million people in the United States with security clearance, and any one of them could be the next Edward Snowden or Bradley Manning.

EXCLUSIVE: damning Adam Kokesh arrest footage, framed by feds (+) The Final American Revolution – Adam’s Prison Stories (Video Reports)

Featured Image: Adam Kokesh. CREDIT: Adam Kokesh. SOURCE: Wikipedia (Public Domain)

From youtube uploaded by AdamKokesh

Published on May 27, 2013

Adam’s arrest in Philadelphia as never seen before with multiple camera angles and exclusive footage that shows him clearly being targeted and pulled out of the crowd WITHOUT assaulting anyone!
The Final American Revolution…
Smoke Down Prohibition: Joint Summit with #PresidentChoom…

From youtube  uploaded by AdamKokesh· on May 29, 2013

The Final American Revolution – Adam’s Prison Stories

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POLITICAL PRISONER: Adam Kokesh : The Final American Revolution (Video Report)

Featured Image: Adam VS The Man logo. Cropped from youtube to help promote Adam Kokesh’s great work

From youtube uploaded by AdamKokesh

Published on May 26, 2013

The Final American Revolution has began
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