Full-Blown Civil War Erupts On Wall Street – Financial Elite Start Turning On Each Other

from Wake Up World

By David DeGraw – ampedstatus.org

Finally, after trillions in fraudulent activity, trillions in bailouts, trillions in printed money, billions in political bribing and billions in bonuses, the criminal cartel members on Wall Street are beginning to get what they deserve. As the Eurozone is coming apart at the seams and as the US economy grinds to a halt, the financial elite are starting to turn on each other. The lawsuits are piling up fast. Here’s an extensive roundup:

Time to put your Big Bank shorts on! Get ready for a run… The chickens are coming home to roost… The Global Banking Cartel’s crimes are being exposed left & right… Prepare for Shock & Awe

Well, well… here’s your Shock & Awe: . . . complete report

If anyone can not see that the Controllers plans call for stripping the baby boomers of all they have gained in their lives watch the following video to see what the FED has been doing with all of that money in their own brand of “laundering” . . .EDITOR

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