Libertarians look to bring reform within the GOP at LPAC 2013 (Video Report)

Until we get rid of the control of Diebold and the other elitist owned electronic voting machine manufacturers and go back to real Americans counting the vote – and form a REAL third party, separate from the corrupt system of the two-headed-disguised-as-one- system that the Controllers have put in place – we have no chance of ever regaining control over the rigged elections in the good ol’ USA.

Although I commend these folks for taking a shot at bringing Libertarian values into the GOP, I believe it would be more productive to continue in the direction of forming a separate party than it will be to convince the Republican folks that the government should keep their noses out of other peoples business.  They seem to love controlling other peoples actions. Like what to put in their body and which gender they should fall in love with. I just Can’t see those in the GOP giving up those type controls. Like asking Winpy to give up hambergers. . . It ain’t gonna happen.  

Sorry guys, just a thought. . . . EDITOR

From youtube uploaded by RTAmerica

Published on Sep 20, 2013

Day two of the Liberty Political Action Conference is about relaxing among likeminded people.However, this is a packed day with breakout sessions, private briefing and grassroots activist training. Their goal is to either morph the Republican Party or break the two-party system altogether. RT’s Perianne Boring reports from this year’s event.

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