Same old Song and Dance

Nov 2, 2012

Rick Osmon


All the elections in my voting lifetime,up to ’92, I had a pretty firm view on my party alignment. For me, the SHTF on elections that year. Watching every debate since and not seeing the main stream media (MSM) pay attention to any other party or candidates than the big two one, I feel it’s important to find some way to force MSM to pay attention. The other candidates offer well constructed solutions instead of well written rhetoric. That rhetoric has been the same old song and dance for twenty years now. It’s time for a new tune. And a new candidate…ME!

My running mate is Mary Sutherland. Mary’s chief adviser is peeking from behind her. Yes, there WILL be disclosure of the aliens presence!

Back in the real world, I’ll be reporting local election results from the Daviess County, Indiana courthouse for Hometown News,

And, drum roll, please.

Beginning Monday, December 3rd, I’ll be hosting the Oopa Loopa Cafe as a 2 hour weekday show, live Noon to 2 PM eastern on that station. I’ll have first run videos from a whole covey of savvy treasure hunters, including a few across the pond,┬áregular spots for comic book enthusiasts and collectors, entertainment news, reported directly from the west coast, local news sports and weather, a bit of weird now and then, as well as live in-studio guests. And, yes, they will be archived for on demand viewing.


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A little research determines that some things never change. I guess it’s been in place for a very long time.

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