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Hong Kong protesters storm city using “FireChat” app

Featured Image: Flag of Hong Kong SOURCE: Wikipedia

youtube by RT America

Published on Sep 30, 2014

Protesters flooding the streets of Hong Kong are using a new app called “FireChat” to communicate with other demonstrators. Able to continue operating whether cellular or internet connections are available, the “mesh” technology behind the software allows users to circumvent government efforts to impede civil disobedience. RT’s Ameera David takes a look.

Students join Hong Kong pro-democracy protests

Featured Image: Hong Kong by night. CREDIT: CIA World Factbook (Public Domain)

youtube by euronews (in English)

Published on Sep 22, 2014

Tertiary students in Hong Kong have joined the territory’s growing pro-democracy movement.

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Video Short Subject: Occupy Hong Kong protesters dragged out of HSBC HQ

from youtube

Published on Sep 11, 2012 by 

Bailiffs cleared out anti-capitalist activists and their belongings from a site underneath HSBC bank’s Asian headquarters in Hong Kong on Tuesday – ending one of the global Occupy movement’s longest-running encampments. Skirmishes broke out after bailiffs and bank guards arrived in the morning to clear out the activists, who had ignored a court order requiring them to leave by 27 August. Some were carried or dragged away and taken outside a perimeter, where they were let go. The last protester was thrown off the site in the heart of the city’s financial district by late afternoon. . . . Text posted with video at youtube