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A New Species of Monkey Found – National Geographic Documentary 2017

A New Species of Monkey Found – National Geographic Documentary 2017

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Published on Feb 20, 2017

National Geographic’s Expedition Granted 2014 Finalists

Featured Image: Picture of a mountaineer by Josef Feid Anastasius Grün. CREDIT: Josef Feid – own scan, Buchhändler, 2008. SOURCE: Wikipedia (Public Domain)

youtube by National Geographic

Published on Sept 26, 2014

This summer, National Geographic’s Expedition Granted competition set out to find the next generation of explorers and award $50,000 to make one person’s dream expedition a reality. All of the Expedition Granted submissions we received proved that anyone can be an explorer in the 21st century, as long as they are pushing boundaries and forging new paths.

We’ve narrowed down the submissions to the top 10 finalists, but now it’s up to you to help decide who will win the $50,000 prize. Vote today—and daily through September 29—at ExpeditionGranted.com to help make an explorer’s dream come true! The next generation of exploration starts with you. Vote Here:  ExpeditionGranted.com 

National Geographic: Down To The Earths Core

Featured Image: Earth crust cutaway. SOURCE: Wikipedia (Public Domain)

This is a great special as long as you remember the information presented is only theory, not fact. In fact, if you are knowledgeable about the make-up of the Hollow Earth/ Subterranean Worlds Theories claims, you will hear facts in this presentation that will fit either the accepted theory or the more eclectic theories, one as well as the other. At any rate enjoy. I did. . . EDITOR 

From youtube uploaded by Patrick Carta on Nov 18,2012

Dig a LITTLE DEEPER ~ THEI Archive “The Earths Core

Dig REAL DEEP ~ THEI CLASSIC Archive: “Science & the Hollow Earth Theory”

American Blackout 2013 National Geographic

Featured Image: Nighttime Globe Composite map of the world assembled from data acquired by the Suomi NPP satellite in April and October 2012. CREDIT: NASA Earth Observatory.

Nice little propaganda piece. . . EDITOR

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Published on Oct 29, 2013

American Blackout, a National Geographic program first aired in October 2013, giving a fictional “docudrama” account of a nationwide electrical blackout in the United States, and its severe aftermath. Most of the program is mock “vlogging” by those affected, interspersed with mock “news footage.”

National Geographic Latest News: Maya “Underworld” Observatory Revealed (Video on-sight Report)

from National Geographic

© 2012 National Geographic; video courtesy Donald Slater

Maya “Underworld” Observatory Revealed

December 14, 2012—In a cave in Mexico’s Yucatán, a National Geographic explorer reveals what is believed to have been an underground observatory for witnessing the zenith passage of the sun.

Published on Dec 15, 2012

Just one more amazing solar observatory from an extremely advanced civilization.


Explorer : Easter Island Underworld (Full Video)

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Published on Feb 16, 2012

On legendary Easter Island, scientists undertake a groundbreaking expedition: to map a vast cave system.

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Retro: World’s largest cave is big enough to fit a skyscraper and even has its own jungle

Photo: A jungle inside a cave? A roof collapse long ago in Hang Son Doong let in light; plants thickly followed. As “Sweeny” Sewell climbs to the surface, hikers struggle through the wryly named Garden of Edam. CREDIT Carsten Peter SOURCE National Geographic.

from io9.com


 DEC 31, 2010 9:00 AM

Vietnam’s Hang Son Doong cave is the largest in the world, with caverns big enough to fit an entire city street inside them. These awe-inspiring photos take you inside the beautiful, alien world of the Hang Son Doong cave.

The cave was, amazingly enough, only discovered twenty years ago, and is just now being properly surveyed. National Geographic has a fascinating longer piece on the recent explorations of the cave, but the real highlight has to be the nearly two dozen amazing photographs from inside the cave . . . Read Complete Report

National Geographic: The World’s Biggest Cave: Hang Son Doong (Full HD Video)

National Geographic: The World’s Biggest Cave: Hang Son Doong (Full HD Video)

Photo: Hang Son Doong Cave. The largest cave in the world. SOURCE http://travellingboard.net

(Public Domain)

from Forbidden Knowledge TV

National Geographic – The world’s biggest cave 2010 HDTV 
Published on Apr 6, 2012 by  on youtube

Deep in the jungle along the Vietnam-Laos  border, this exquisite cave was accidentally

discovered in 1991 by a local man trying to  get out of the rain. Its discovery was only

announced in the West in 2009.

At five kilometers long, 200 meters high and  150 meters wide, Son Doong overtakes

Deer Cave in Malaysia to take the title of the  world’s largest cave.

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