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Hollow Earth Theory MAJOR UPDATE: Inner Ocean Found!

This could be – no it is – the most important positive scientific discovery in my 50 odd years of Hollow Earth Research . . . EDITOR

Featured Image: “Earth like an Onion” (Fair Use) Artwork with report below.

Note the “extra” layer indicating “a ocean” added. Once again . . . the accepted theory will have to be changed whereas the Hollow Earth Theory only has to check-off on a stated fact. This ocean just happens to be where the Hollow Earth Theory claims it would be…. now if you add a little land. . . . and oh. What about the fact that the earth is nothing but a big water filter.  Where have you heard that before? Oh, happy days! . . . EDITOR 

ExtremeTech By on June 17, 2014 at 9:44 am

Scientists discover an ocean 400 miles beneath our feet that could fill our oceans three times over

After decades of theorizing and searching, scientists are reporting that they have finally found a massive reservoir of water in the Earth’s mantle — a reservoir so vast that could fill the Earth’s oceans three times over. This discovery suggests that Earth’s surface water actually came from within, as part of a “whole-Earth water cycle,” . . . Read Complete Report


youtube by PBS NewsHour

Secret ocean 300 miles below the earth

Streamed live on Jun 14, 2014

Conversation with Professor Steven Jacobsen – Geophysicist at Northwestern University on the latest findings by he and fellow researchers about the potential for a very large reservoir of water (in its molecular form) 400-600 kilometers beneath the earth.

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“Accepted Scientific Evidence supporting The Hollow Earth Theory”

Whistleblowers & NSA Spying: The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory (video Report)

Featured Image: Steam Whistle SOURCE allthingsclipart.com (Public-Domain).

From youtube uploaded by Red Pill Philosophy on Jun 18, 2013

Conspiracy Theory: Michael Hastings – Crash & Burn: Cyber Attacks & Bombs (Video Report)

Featured Image: “Michael Hastings, ‘Rolling Stone’ Contributor, Dead at 33” By  SOURCE: Rolling Stone June 18, 2013 7:15 PM ET.  [Read Complete Report]. 

From youtube uploaded by InfoWarsNewsHD

Crash & Burn: Cyber Attacks & Bombs

Published on Aug 22, 2013

The coroner’s accident report on Michael Hastings’ death has been released and the official statement says it is “auto vs. fixed object (tree)”. But what does it take to cause a car to explode “like a bomb” on frontal impact? Is it possible for the engine to be ejected 150 in the air in a different direction than the vehicle was traveling?

This video looks at car fires and revelations about cyber attacks on cars in light of today’s revelation that Michael Hastings believed his car had been tampered with.

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Conspiracy Theory: The Club of Rome & Agenda 21 (Videos)

Featured Image: Club of Rome logo. Credit: HMman. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons. (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license).

From youtube uploaded by Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know

What is the Club of Rome?

Published on Aug 19, 2013

Founded in the late 1960’s, the Club of Rome brings influential members of global business, politics and the intelligentsia together to tackle looming, worldwide problems. On the surface, it sounds it could be almost any other think tank. However, numerous theorists think there’s something more to the story. Why?

From youtube uploaded by Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know

The Club of Rome: Predictions

Published on Aug 21, 2013

The Club of Rome didn’t stop analyzing global trends in 1972. In fact, they have been busy making “highly-educated guesses” ever since. But critics allege that the Club is up to a lot more than tracking trends – in fact, they’re building a world-wide government. Tune in to learn more.

From youtube uploaded by Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know

Club of Rome: Digging Deeper

Published on Aug 23, 2013

So why are climate change skeptics so worked up about the Club of Rome? How is it connected to other international groups? Tune in to learn more.

From youtube uploaded by Bushvision

dd395-Agenda  21 Credit David DeesFrom Australia : Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome

Published on Feb 3, 2013

Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Sustainable Development, at the Lord Monckton Launch 2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Image: Thanx to David Dees.

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Conspiracy Theory: Scotland Yard launches new probe Princess Diana’s death (Video Report)

Featured Image: Princess Diana on a royal visit for the official opening of the community centre on Whitehall Road, Bristol in May 1987. CREDIT: Rick. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license).

From youtube uploaded by foxnewstest

Published on Aug 19, 2013

Stunning new developments out of London

MUST see!! Jesse Ventura : Plum Island ~ Conspiracy Theory (Full Documentry)

Featured Image: The Plum Island Animal Disease Center. CREDIT: Keith Weller. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

From youtube uploaded by JesseVenturaOfficial

Published on Feb 28, 2013

MUST see!! Jesse Ventura : Plum Island ~ Conspiracy Theory
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Conspiracy Theory Poll Results: Democrats and Republicans differ on conspiracy theory beliefs

Photo:Hurricane Katrina aftermath. Part of a Weather Warfare Conspiracy program? SOURCE: Conspiracy Planet. (Fair Use)

From Public Policy Polling

April 02, 2013

On our national poll this week we took the opportunity to poll 20 widespread and/or infamous conspiracy theories.  Many of these theories are well known to the public, others perhaps to just the darker corners of the internet.  Here’s what we found:

–          37% of voters believe global warming is a hoax, 51% do not. Republicans say global warming is a hoax by a 58-25 margin, Democrats disagree 11-77, and Independents are more split at  41-51. 61% of Romney voters believe global warming is a hoax

–          6% of voters believe Osama bin Laden is still alive . . . Read Complete Report

New theory ‘rewrites’ Stonehenge history (W/Video)

From RT News

Published time: March 10, 2013 04:31
Edited time: March 10, 2013 18:08

New research has shed fresh light on Stonehenge’s past, suggesting that it was originally a graveyard and then a venue for mass celebrations that unified the whole of pre-historic Britain.

According to the team of researchers led by archeologist Professor Mike Parker Pearson of University College London, the historic site was in fact older than previously thought and had different functions.

“In many ways our findings are rewriting the established story of Stonehenge,” Parker Pearson said. . . . Read Complete Report


From NewsyScience via youtube

Researchers Propose New Origin of Stonehenge

Published on Mar 9, 2013

A new theory suggests Stonehenge was created as a huge graveyard for the elite.

RFK Jr: JFK Probe ‘Shoddy,’ Doesn’t Believe Lone Gunman Theory (W/Video)

From NewsMax

Saturday, 12 Jan 2013 07:25 AM

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is convinced that a lone gunman wasn’t solely responsible for the assassination of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, and said his father believed the Warren Commission report was a “shoddy piece of craftsmanship.”

Kennedy and his sister, Rory, spoke about their family Friday night while being interviewed in front of an audience by Charlie Rose at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas. The event comes as a year of observances begins for the 50th anniversary of the president’s death.

Their uncle was killed on Nov. 22, 1963, while riding in a motorcade through Dallas. Five years later, their father was assassinated in a Los Angeles hotel while celebrating his win in the California Democratic presidential primary. . . . Read Complete Report

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The Undamaged Zapruder Film

Uploaded by Robert Harris

Uploaded on Apr 15, 2008

This copy of the film was made before Life magazine damaged frames in their copy. Except for the damaged areas, the two versions are identical.

Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura The Ozarks Underground Base (Full Video)

From youtube

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Published on Dec 23, 2012