Oopa Loopa Cafe 29 Jan 2013

Oopa Loopa Cafe 29 Jan 2013

Blue Plate Special: Stimulus & Responsesvs

Also On today’s Oopa Loopa Cafe special’s menu :

Mali Rebels Destroy Irreplaceable Ancient Texts
Ed Teech, aka Blackbeard (Treasure, Maties!)
Rick Set to Speak at MES Conference
Jake McNeice, Certified Hero
Hackers Set Sights on Justice Department
Off the Wall


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The Oopa Loopa Cafe is an educational programming compilation, subtle humor, and commentary. We present content covering extremely diverse topics from history, archaeology, particle physics, and paleontology to ballistics, UFO’s, hollow earth theory, and human intelligence. We also feature musicians and recording artists, authors, weird uncles, and the occasional elected official (if we’re desperate). Although yes, we do limited political commentary, we rip all political parties equally.

The show format is designed with 3 segments and can easily be used by PEG or broadcast stations as a one hour program with the following schedule:

Top of the hour> start OLC segment 1

00:17:00 > start 6 minute break (PSA’s commercials, news-weather-sports, etc)

00:23:00 > start OLC segment 2

00:37:00 > 3 minute break

00:40:00 > start OLC segment 3

00:57:00 > end of OLC

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