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HIGH CRAZINESS: 5 MOST Mysterious Situations Ever Captured On CCTV Camera

5 MOST Mysterious Situations Ever Captured On CCTV Camera

YouTube ~ Top 5 Unknowns

Published on Jun 9, 2017

Be Your Own Media – Carlos Miller on Photography is Not a Crime

Featured Image: camera lens. SOURCE: freeclipart.com (Public Domain)

youtube by SocialJusticeNOW  Sep 15, 2013

Robotics: Insect-Eye Camera Offers Wide-Angle Vision for Tiny Drones

Featured image: Scanning electron microscope image of an eye on a fruit fly. Image is a high magnification view of part of the eye. CREDIT: Dartmouth College. SOURCE:  Wikipedia Commons. (Public Domain)

From IEEE Spectrum By Jeremy Hsu Posted 

Engineers make a tiny compound eye

New “insect eye” cameras could someday help flying drones see into every corner of a battlefield or give tiny medical scopes an all-around view inside the human body. A team of researchers from the United States has constructed such a camera, which offers an almost 180-degree field of view using hundreds of tiny lenses.

The centimeter-wide digital camera has 180 microlenses—roughly what fire ants or bark beetles have in their compound eyes—placed on a hemispherical array. Researchers hope their design will eventually lead to insect-eye cameras that exceed even nature’s blueprints, according to a report in the 2 May issue of the journal Nature. . . . Read Complete Report

Total surveillance: now in public transportation (Video Report)

Continuing with our Privacy Watch. The Controllers are not only working on getting cameras to watch us in every way, but now they are starting to install microphones with those camera’s to listen in on your private conversations. . . . EDITOR 

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Published on Dec 11, 2012

Government officials are installing high-tech audio surveillance systems in buses across the country. Almost 6 million dollars for over 350 buses and trolleys in San Francisco have been approved for the initiative already and other cities are following suit. So does it mean more safety or less privacy? Michael Brick of the Daily joins RT’s Liz Wahl to explain.