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THEI Selected Short Subject: Nephilim Giant Photos in America Revealed! (Video)

THEI Selected Short Subject

The latest from one of America’s top experts on the subjects of Giants and early American Earthen Mounds, Fritz Zimmerman. . . .EDITOR



Featured Photo: Fritz Zimmerman – Burlington Vortex Conference, Burlington Wisconsin, 2010. CREDIT: Dennis Crenshaw – THEI 

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Published on Apr 9, 2013

A giant race, known in the Bible as the Nephilim spread across the world. Rare photos of giant human skeletons and mummies that were photographed in North America.

Remains Of A Giant Found In Frozen Wasteland (W/Video)

Photo: Modern Dromedary camel in outback Australia, near Silverton, NSW. CREDIT John o’Neill SOURCE : Wikipedia

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A research team led by the Canadian Museum of Nature has identified the first evidence for an extinct giant camel in Canada’s High Arctic. The discovery is based on 30 fossil fragments of a leg bone found on Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, and represents the most northerly record for early camels, whose ancestors are known to have originated in North America some 45 million years ago.

The fossils were collected over three summer field seasons (2006, 2008 and 2010) and are about three and a half million years old, dating from the mid-Pliocene Epoch. Other fossil finds at the site suggest this High Arctic camel lived in a boreal-type forest environment, during a global warm phase on the planet.  . . . Read Complete Report

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Published on Mar 5, 2013

Giant robot debuts in Japan – Rough Cuts (+) But, give a robot a knife. Good Idea? The future will tell . . .

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Published on Nov 28, 2012

A Japanese inventor created a giant, Mech-like robot controlled from within. The machine, called Kuratas, stands thirteen feet tall and is capable of speeds of up to six miles per hour. (November 28, 2012) . . . Posted with video on youtube

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Bad Idea: Giving a Razor-Sharp Knife to a Robot

The Korean Institute of Science and Technology had the very good (read “terrible”) idea of giving a very sharp kitchen knife to a robot and teaching it how to use it.  . . . Read Complete Report

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CIROS, cooking a salad

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Published on Oct 22, 2012

Redux: Man-eating giants discovered

Photo: Lovelock Cave Giant Jaw Compared to a Normal Human Jaw. SOURCE Human Giants

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Sunday, December 19, 2010 0:03

The Paiutes, a Native-American tribe indigenous to parts of Nevada, Utah and Arizona, told early white settlers about their ancestors’ battles with a ferocious race of white, red-haired giants. According to the Paiutes, the giants were already living in the area.

Roaming, man-eating giants

The Paiutes named the giants Si-Te-Cah that literally means “tule-eaters.” The tule is a fibrous water plantthe giants wove into rafts to escape the Paiutes continuous attacks. They used the rafts to navigate across what remained of Lake Lahontan.

According to the Paiutes, the red-haired giants stood as tall as 12-feet and were a vicious, unapproachable people that killed and ate captured Paiutes as food. . . . Read Complete Report

Giant dancing Japanese robot women in bras will be the end of us (W/Video)

Photo: giant dancing Japanese Robot women. CREDIT and view the rest of the pictures at The Chive (which they found at Dailymail.co.uk).

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Posted by: Lance Liebl

According to The Chive, which I am a daily visitor of, The Robot Restaurant in Toyko, Japan offers a “unique brand of entertainment to their visitors.” In other words, there’s giant female torsos with robot legs that are operated by girls in bikinis. They dance on tables and act sexy — well, as sexy as a giant dancing female robot can be. . . . Complete Report w/photos

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