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Depopulation: Why Big Oil Conquered The World.

Featured Image: Oil Refinery. Source: Free Graphic Design Resource

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How Big Oil Conquered the World

Published on Dec 27, 2015

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: From farm to pharmaceutical, diesel truck to dinner plate, pipeline to plastic product, it is impossible to think of an area of our modern-day lives that is not affected by the oil industry. The story of oil is the story of the modern world. And this is the story of those who helped shape that world, and how the oil-igarchy they created is on the verge of monopolizing life itself.

Why Big Oil Conquered The World

Published on Oct 6, 2017

TRANSCRIPT AND MP3: The 20th century was the century of oil. From farm to fork, factory to freeway, there is no aspect of our modern life that has not been shaped by the oil industry. But as the “post-carbon” era of the 21st century comes into view, there are those who see this as the end of the oiligarchy. They couldn’t be more wrong. This is the remarkable true story of the world that Big Oil is creating, and how they plan to bring it about.

What Is Sustainable Development?


Published on Oct 20, 2017

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: We’ve all heard of “sustainable development,” but what does it actually mean? Is it really about protecting the earth, or is it just another tool for foisting an agenda of carbon eugenics and technocracy? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we rip off the green mask of the oiligarchs and expose the 2030 Agenda for what it really is.

Dig a Little DEEPER: Population Control

The United Nations

Oil, Conspiracy, and You: Digging Deeper

Featured Image: The pumpjack, such as this one located south of Midland, Texas, is a common sight in West Texas. Credit: Eric Kounce TexasRaiser.  Wikipedia (Public Domain)

youtube by Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – HowStuffWorks

Published on Dec 12, 2014

Is there any truth to all the claims about oil conspiracies, peak oil, alternative energy suppression and OPEC price-fixing?

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Glenn Beck: Obama’s Big Oil Scandal with Socialism, Soros and Organized Crime

Feature Image: George Soros 47th Munich Security Conference 2011. Credit: Harald DettenbornCropped from File:Msc2011 dett soros 0134.jpg, original source  Source: Wikipedia (CC-BY-3.0-de

youtube by BlackHispanicTParty

Published on May 26, 2013

Obama administrations corruption is taking America into socialism just as FDR did. George Soros has had direct financial ties to the gulf oil disaster and media matters in owned by George Soros defending his corrupt socialist agenda. Obama’s Crime Inc is now a network of thieves

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Part 2

Part 3

Ground Zero Syria: The Illegal Oil Wells of Deir ez-Zor

According to reports Illegal oil wells and small clandestine home made refineries like those presented in this report is the source of millions of dollars in the ISIS coffers. . . EDITOR

Featured Image: Deir ez-Zour Syria. March8Square front. Uploaded by Heretiq  SOURCE: Wikipedia CC BY-SA 3.0

youtube by VICE

Published on Jan 29, 2014

Deir ez-Zor, Syria’s sixth-largest city, is also the country’s oil capital. For four decades, the al-Assad regime (first run by Hafez, and now by his son Bashar) struck deals with Western oil companies like Shell and Total that resulted in the extraction of as much as 27,000 barrels of black gold from the sand every day. A pittance compared with other Middle Eastern countries’ production, but it made Syria a bona fide oil-exporting nation. At least this was the case until international sanctions were imposed in 2011 in response to the regime’s crackdown on the antigovernment protests, which quickly morphed into a civil war.

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Americans see dirty truth of energy addiction thru oil boom

Featured Image: BreitBurn Drilling Rig, an active oil well in Beverly Hills California disguised as a building. One of four large “drilling islands”, visible on Pico and Olympic Boulevards. CREDIT: Pi3.124 SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.)

From youtube uploaded by RT America on Dec 29, 2013

Map Below: “The Beverly Hills Oil Field is a large and currently active oil field underneath part of the city of Beverly Hills, California, USA, and portions of the adjacent city of Los Angeles. Discovered in 1900, and with a cumulative production of over 150 million barrels of oil, it ranks 39th by size among California’s oil fields, and is unusual for being a large, continuously productive field in an entirely urban setting (Wikipedia). 

Map Attribution: Antandrus at en.wikipedi Antandrus at en.wikipedia SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons ( This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

BeverlyHillsOilField CREDIT Antandrus at en.wikipedia SOURCE Wikipedia Commons Public Domain


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Algae to crude oil: Million-year natural process takes minutes in the lab

Featured Image: World War II propaganda poster used to promote carpooling as a way to ration gasoline during World War II. . “WHEN YOU RIDE ALONE YOU RIDE WITH HITLER”. “JOIN A CAR-SHARING CLUB TODAY”. CREDIT: Artist Weimer Pursell SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

From gizmag By  December 24, 2013

Engineers at the US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have created a continuous process that produces useful crude oil minutes after harvested algae is introduced. This new process does not require drying out the algae, which grows in water, saving time and energy that would be otherwise wasted. The final product can be refined into aviation fuel, diesel, or gasoline.

The process mimics some of the conditions that originally turned prehistoric plant material into fossil fuel deep within the earth – high pressures and temperatures. . . . Read Complete Report

From youtube uploaded by PNNLgov

Algae to Bio-Crude in Less Than 60 Minutes

Published on Dec 17, 2013

Engineers have created a chemical process that produces useful crude oil just minutes after engineers pour in harvested algae — a verdant green paste with the consistency of pea soup. The PNNL team combined several chemical steps into one continuous process that starts with an algae slurry that contains as much as 80 to 90 percent water. Most current processes require the algae to be dried — an expensive process that takes a lot of energy. The research has been licensed by Genifuel Corp. Read the full story here:…

For more on PNNL’s bio-based product research, visit

From Science Direct  Algal Research

Volume 2, Issue 4, October 2013, Pages 445–454


 Algae-water slurries were processed in a continuous-flow reactor system.

Whole algal biomass was converted into a gravity separable biocrude.

Biocrude was hydrotreated into a liquid hydrocarbon mixture, low in O, N, and S.

Aqueous byproduct from HTL was processed catalytically to produce a fuel gas. The resulting water stream could be recycled for nutrients such as ammonia. . . . Read Complete Report


Did The Saudi Government Fund The 9/11 Attacks? (+) Saudi Oil & Gas More Important Than The Truth.

Featured Image: 9/11 Twin Tower attack. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

From youtube uploaded by MOXNEWSd0tC0M

Did The Saudi Government Fund The 9/11 Attacks?

Published on Dec 16, 2013

December 16, 2013 Al Jazeera News

From youtube uploaded by Michael Paul Spurling

Saudi Oil & Gas More Important Than The Truth.

Published on Nov 4, 2013

Saudi Arabia May Be Tied to 9/11, 2 Ex-Senators Say

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Water Found in Mars Soil (Video Report)

Featured Image: The Planet Mars. CREDIT & SOURCE: NASA (Public Domain).

From youtube uploaded by David Pakman Show on Oct 5, 2013


Heat over Arctic: ‘Oil & gas may fuel militarization of the region’ (Video Report)

Featured Image: Gates of the Arctic Nation Park, Alaska. SOURCE: Libraty of Congress (Public Domain). 

From youtube uploaded by RT

Published on Sep 25, 2013

As world powers team up to secure the ecology in the Arctic, the rivalry over its rich oil and gas resources is heating up. Michel Chossudovsky from the Center for Research on Globalisation explains that the battle for the North Pole is high on the global military agenda. READ MORE:

Russian Troops on American Soil (Video Report)

Featured Image: Stalin and Voroshilov salute a military parade in Red Square, Moscow. The message reads: “Long Live the Workers and Peasant Red Army – Loyal Guard of the Soviet Borders!” It was one of the standard slogans broadcasted over radio and through loudspeakers permanently installed along the major streets on the route of the columns of parades and demonstrations held during the major Soviet holidays. CREDIT: Gustav Klutsis SOURCE: Wikipedia (Public Domain).

From youtube uploaded by WCJournalism on Jul 5, 2013