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THEI Eyeballs The Earth ~ Has the True Shape of the Planet Been Discovered? Part 4: Gravity

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THEI Eyeballs the Earth ~ Has the Shape of the Planet Been Discovered? The Series


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The Myth of Gravity

As with many things we eyeball here at THEI the elitist financed establishment scientific community knows little if anything about the so called “scientific” force know as gravity.  But as with other scientific explanations about our universe they pretend to know stuff.  Most of it is conjecture or theory. Yet they never admit these facts.  When you read of their “findings” thy never use the words” it is believed” or “the theory is”.  Instead they present their presumptions as fact.  The following “accepted” videos about gravity proves my point. . . Your Editor Dennis Crenshaw

Science lesson — Gravity

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Published on May 30, 2016

For teachers and students for an understanding of gravity

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Amazing Light Bending Cloak Experiment!

Featured Image: The cover of Classics Illustrated # 153. Source: Wikipedia (Public Domain) 

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Published on Dec 2, 2014

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Aliens And The Illusion Of Time: Astronaut Spills The Beans About The Nature Of Reality (Video Report)

Photo: Wubbo Ockels, speaking on Dam Square in Amsterdam on climate change. Date: 2 February, 2007 Picture by Jens Nielsen. SOURCE Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

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Thursday, September 27, 2012 6:35

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In this mind-bending TEDxAmsterdam talk, Dr. Wubbo J. Ockels, the original Netherlands astronaut, explains how time is created by human beings as a way our brains can make sense of gravity. . . . Read Complete Report