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THEI Eyeballs The Earth ~ Has the True Shape of the Planet Been Discovered? Part 4: Gravity

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The Myth of Gravity

As with many things we eyeball here at THEI the elitist financed establishment scientific community knows little if anything about the so called “scientific” force know as gravity.  But as with other scientific explanations about our universe they pretend to know stuff.  Most of it is conjecture or theory. Yet they never admit these facts.  When you read of their “findings” thy never use the words” it is believed” or “the theory is”.  Instead they present their presumptions as fact.  The following “accepted” videos about gravity proves my point. . . Your Editor Dennis Crenshaw

Science lesson — Gravity

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Published on May 30, 2016

For teachers and students for an understanding of gravity

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Hugo Chavez: a Look at the Man, the Myth and the Legacy (Video Report)

I was never a fan of Chavez, but in all fairness we need to see what his people thought of him now that he’s gone..  After all we do know of the Controllers long-time obsession of eventually controlling South America. . . EDITOR

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Uploaded by RTAmerica

Published on Mar 5, 2013

After 14 years serving as the leader of Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez lost his battle against cancer Tuesday evening. The 58-year-old had been seeking treatment in Cuba when he encountered a respiratory infection that ultimately cost him his life. RT America’s sister station, RT Spanish, sat down with President Chavez in October 2010. RT Correspondent Meghan Lopez takes a look back at the man, the myth and the legacy he left in Latin America.