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A Secret Trip To North Korea: Welcome to Mind Control Land

Featured photo: A North Korean female soldier guarding a prison camp.



Welcome to Mind Control Land

YouTube ~ News From The Truth* Published on Apr 12, 2017

George Orwell’s Mind Control – BBC 101 documentary ~George Orwell’s Animal Farm (1954) ~ Full Movie

Feature Image: Eric Arthur Blair (25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950),[1] known by his pen name George Orwell, was an English novelist, essayist, journalist and critic. His work is marked by lucid prose, awareness of social injustice, opposition t totalitarianism, and commitment to democratic socialism.[2][3]  Source: Wikipedia (Public Domain)

outube by CTForecaster

Mind Control – George Orwell BBC 101 documentary

Published on Nov 20, 2012

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The Real Room 101 – Documentary on George Orwell and Mind Control

youtube by Elke Lates on Mar 31, 2014

Animal Farm (1954) – Full Movie, George Orwell

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Scientology, the CIA & MK ULTRA Illuminati Mind Control

Featured Image: This is a logo owned by Church of Scientology for Scientology. It is a historical logo. Its historical usage is as follows: Many scientology symbols have come and gone. The official one should be used at original resolution. SOURCE: Wikipedia (Fair Use)

From youtube uploaded by unenslaved2012

Published on Sep 5, 2013


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Checking History by Looking Back: ~ Mae Brussell: The Son of Sam; CIA Mind Control (+) NAZI Connection to JFK Assassination

A woman before her time.  If you’ve never heard Mae you are in for a treat. If you have heard her back-in-the-day, you’re welcome. . . EDITOR

Featured Image: Mae Brussell on the air. SOURCE 

From youtube uploaded by FederalJacktube6

Uploaded on Jan 7, 2012

Originally broadcast August 15 & 22,1977

“Son of Sam”, David Berkowitz, CIA Zombie, LSD tests. Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple moving down to Guyana (possible hideout for assassins?). . . . From description published with video.


Mae Brussell : The Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination

Fourth-ReichEvidence of link between Nazis still in operation after World War II to the still unsolved murder of John F. Kennedy

by Mae Brussell (from the short-lived Larry Flynt publication The Rebel, January 1984)

1940-1945: The Nazi Connection to Dallas:

General Reinhard Gehlen

 The sparrow-faced man in the battle uniform of an American general clambered down the steps of the U.S. Army transport plane upon its arrival at Washington National Airport. It was August 24, 1945, two weeks after the surrender of Japan, three months after the German capitulation. The general was hustled into a van with no windows and whisked to Fort Hunt outside the capital. There he was attended by white-jacketed orderlies and, the next morning, fitted with a dark-grey business suit from one of Washington’s swankiest men’s stores.

General Reinhard Gehlen was ready to cut a deal.

Reinhard Gehlen had been, up until the recent capitulation, Adolph Hitler’s chief intelligence officer against the Soviet Union. His American captors had decked him out in one of their uniforms to deceive the Russians, who were hunting him as a war criminal. Now U.S. intelligence was going to deploy Gehlen and his network of spies against the Russians. The Cold War was on.

This is a story of how key nazis, even as the Wehrmacht was still on the offensive, anticipated military disaster and laid plans to transplant nazism, intact but disguised, in havens in the West. It is the story of how honorable men, and some not so honorable, were so blinded by the Red menace that they fell into lockstep with nazi designs. It is the story of the Odd Couple Plus One: the mob, the CIA and fanatical exiles, each with its own reason for gunning for Kennedy. It is a story that climaxes in Dallas on November 22, 1963 when John Kennedy was struck down. And it is a story with an aftermath — America’s slide to the brink of fascism. As William L. Shirer, author of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, put it in speaking of the excesses of the Nixon administration, “We could become the first country to go fascist through free elections.” . . . Read Complete Report


 “Mind Control”   “Lone Nut killers” 

 “JFK Assassination”   “The NAZI Connection” 

Mind Control through TV and the Children {Documentary} (+) The Hidden Effects Of Television On The Brain

Young girl Watching TV. SOURCE: Library of Congress (Public Domain)

From youtube uploaded by TheTocqualamond

Published on Sept 28, 2012

The greatest form of control is when you think you’re free when you’re being fundamentally manipulated and dictated to. One form of dictatorship is being in a prison cell and you can see the bars and touch them. The other one is sitting in a prison cell but you can’t see the bars but you think you’re free. , , , From description published with video.

From youtube uploaded by UGottaKnowThis

Mind Control – The Hidden Effects Of Television On The Brain

Uploaded on Oct 20, 2011

Alan Watt Gives An Excellent Explanation On The Hypnotic State The Brain Is In When You Watch Television.

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Targeted Individuals & Mind Control w/ Dr. John Hall (Video-Audio Report)

Featured Image: Mind Control In America. SOURCE: Steven-Jacobson 

From youtube uploaded by TRUTHstreammedia·

Published on Sep 25, 2013…
Aaron and Melissa interview Dr. John Hall, author of “A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America” on tonight’s Truthstream Media

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More Proof Navy Yard Shooter Targeted with Mind Control Weapons? (+) Mechanics of Mind Control (Video Reports)

Featured Image: An EEG – Brain Scan – (en:electroencephalograph) 1 second sample. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons. ( This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license).

From youtube uploaded by TRUTHstreammedia

More Proof Navy Yard Shooter Targeted with Mind Control Weapons?

Published on Sep 18, 2013

The mainstream media is reporting that suspected Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis carved the phrases “My ELF Weapon” and “Better off this way” into his weapon before 12 people were reportedly killed with it in a mass shooting this week. ELF typically stands for extremely low frequency, the type of waves used in everything from weather weapons to mind control devices. . . . From Description published with the video.


This is an important lecture for anyone interested in understanding how mind control works. Not only very informative but an entertaining and enjoyable presentation.

“Highly recomended”   “*****” . . . EDITOR

From youtube uploaded by Repeatlessness

Mind Control – The Mechanics of Mind Control – Tools for the Awakening

Uploaded on May 25, 2011

Hi-quality at: This facinating 2 hour lecture will keep you on the edge of your seat and mind in understanding the mechanisms of your mind and the implications of applying this information to the current awakening that is happening in human consciousness.

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Retro: Philadelphia Experiment: Invisibility, Time Travel and Mind Control — Full Documentary (Video)

Photo: USS Eldridge DE-173 ca. 1944. Original uploaded as Grunherz at en.wikipediaThis media is available in the holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration, cataloged under the ARC Identifier (National Archives Identifier)

from youtube uploaded by RealityEntertainment  Apr 25, 2012

Updated 1/11/2012 : Cigarettes, TV Ads and Mind Control (W/Video)

We present a  report on the most sucesseful television mind control campaign ever perpetrated on the peoples of the world. It all started by making the price of their new propaganda machine, the ‘TV’, cheap enough to quickly put one in every home in the 1950’s, then start pushing their products right in your living room as often as possable. And we watched and listened and bought and inhaled until cigaretts were killing more people than natural causes. . . . EDITOR

TV Test Pattern SOURCE Google
From The Amo Times
Cigarettes and Mind Control

How do you make a billion dollar out of a product that makes people sick and stink?

Well you use MIND CONTROL!

Mind Control is by definition programming someone’s mind subtly to do what the controller tell them to do. . . . Read Complete Report


Let’s take a look at some of the television cigarette commercials used in the early mind control methods to make people want to smoke through their commercials.  Those of you not old enough to remember keep in mind that these commercials ran over and over day after day just as the products commercials they want us to use run constantly.  Of course if you want to really control what people to buy the obvious place to start your indoctrination is with your children. . . EDITOR

Flintstones Cigarette Commercial

 Uploaded by Psychotronic42

Uploaded on Jan 18, 2007

This old TV commercial is totally unbelievable! In the Flintstones’ first season on ABC, the original sponsor was Winston Cigarettes. If they tried this today they would have a riot on their hands!

from youtube

Chesterfield Cigarettes Commercial #4 (1957)

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Uploaded on Oct 15, 2009

TV-Family 1951 Source Library of Congress


TV promoting cigarettes

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Uploaded on May 22, 2008

1951 Dragnet scene featuring promotion for Chesterfield cigarettes claiming science proves no ill effects to health.

TV in the 50s SOURCE Library of Congress










I Love Lucy cigarette commercials

Uploaded by TheEdumacate

Uploaded on Nov 14, 2011

Amazing how far we have come. now people now the serious effects of smoking and they still do it. This is what I am asking.. with all the people who die a year from smoking how come the cigarette companies have not been prosecuted for genocide?

Directed towards the teenagers…..

Uploaded by RNH31214·

Uploaded on May 28, 2011

John Lennon and George Harrison make a Marlboro Commercial


!n 1969 Phillip Morris decided to direct their mind control marketing towards young girls and woman with their “Virginia Slims” campaign. It was a hung success. . . EDITOR

Girl Watching TV SOURCE Library of Congress

You’ve Come a long way baby!

uploaded by hemp71

Uploaded on Oct 10, 2011



With recommendations from all of your movie and TV heroes smoking cigarettes and telling us it is  not only healthy,  they enjoy it. So why not you?

John Wayne Camel Cigarettes Commercial

Uploaded by johnnymonger·

Uploaded on Jun 7, 2011

Lee Marvin – Pall Mall commercial

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Uploaded on Nov 15, 2010

The killers at Raleigh Cigarettes  saw a chance, not only to sell cigarettes, but to get in on the fast growing mind-control use of the Television propaganda machine to get the audiences to want to purchase a constant supply of stuff!  That something new was to offer coupons inside packs of cigarettes. the more you smoked, the more free stuff. . . . Double mind control.

Uploaded by LandondeeL

Uploaded on Feb 13, 2011

Lucy and Desi seemed to talk from both sides of the mouth. While they huffed and puffed Phillip Morris on “I Love Lucy”, they rented out their facillities to rival Raleigh for commercials. Here are some of their spots.


Marlboro started using one of today’s most popular mind-control methods along with the visual of TV and famous people – Popular music.

 Probably the most remembered cigarette mind-control campaign was the those ads put out by Marlboro using the theme music fro one of the most popular western movies of the day, “The Magnificent Seven.”  

Old Marlboro Commercials

Uploade by Str8jacketFiend

Published on Jun 30, 2012

Marlboro commercials from the 60’s and 70’s.\

Years later The Duke made another commercial.  Although not a mind-control cigarette commercial I thought it to be be a fitting ending video for this report. . . . EDITOR

TV commercial film for American Cancer Society (John Wayne)

Uploaded by nishiot

Uploaded on Feb 20, 2008

Hopes, Not Fears, For Cancer Campaign
on “DDB NEWS March Issue, 1971

CIA Mind Control Experiments Declassified Documents Reveal Sex Abuse, More

Image: Mind Control in America CREDIT: Stephen Jacobson

from Want to

Dear friends,

The tragic Newtown school massacre and many other heartbreaking mass murders in recent years have spread fear and panic among parents and the general public. Yet some are questioning if there isn’t more than meets the eye to these cruel and bizarre events. Is it conceivable that there might be a deeper agenda here? This essay presents undeniable evidence that secret government mind control programs have created assassins and murderers out of unsuspecting citizens.

The astonishing excerpts below, taken verbatim from declassified CIA documents, reveal detailed mind control experiments in highly secret, government-sponsored experiments. Through hypnosis, drugs, and electric shock, CIA clinicians fractured personalities and induced multiple personality disorder (MPD) – also called dissociative identity disorder (DID). These top secret experiments were successful in creating Manchurian Candidates
or super spies programmed to carry out assassination, terrorist acts, sexual favors, and more without conscious knowledge of what they were doing. 
The army of Manchurian Candidates created may have played a key, hidden role in world politics. . . . Read Complete Report


Stephen Jacobson is a personal friend and the man I turn to when I need up-to-the minute and real information about what’s going on with mind control in America at any particular time. . . EDITOR

Listen to this 8 minute clip of Steven from a recent radio interview.



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